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Mysonne Dynasty Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2013 07:52:08 PM

We do this with one tape
That's how we gonna do this
I scrambel this scar with vandals, with muscles
I couldn't understand 'till I unscrambel the puzzle
On the corner story randel I hustel
She double to us and say no handel and fuck you
So I suck it in
Did I do what every man must do ?
I play the hand I made it stand
I show this world
My mother and father made a men
Half om my life wa like a play ..
To another half was like sunshine in my made of ..
I play with .., I lay in san
Din't I play that the dirty I did wa clean my hand
My brain invents beyond niggas
So I doubt that nigga clear all the all see
This niggas blood is ..
Money's blue and that's the diference betwen us
I'm sorry for the inconvenience but niggas got shit confuse
So this verse is now in interview
I'm unparticular moves with out no ritual
I'm schizofrenic an the ..
But don't getting mis the truth
Altouth I got shits to do I got glass and blocks and .. too
... with shit to prove
I startin all ... school
So I 'aint got shit to lose
I broke the low and fixed the rules
Just in case .. write a ..
But my streets is full of ..
Momy how you say this nigga full..
Excuse me grandma but Jesus Christ
She is nice
Nigga's listening but can even believe it
They like dam
I knew this nigga own his life
And never knew that his brain will blow his life
I make you rain forty days, forty nights turn off all this lights
I shine nigga, I'm blind nigga
...I remind nigga I'm ..
....with blood
Now I'm back and nigga don't know how to act
Cause they know I'm about to get my power back
And rain forever so nigga take your shower caps
I feel the pain, they feel the pain in tower colaps

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