E-17 Lyrics

Name: E-17
They are: John, Brian, Terry
Start it on: 2. November 1998
Live in: London
Album: Resurrection
Singles: Each Time, Betcha Can't Wait
Past: East 17
Who needs them: Tony Mortimer

Two years after bad boy Brian Harvey get the boot from East
17, he, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell are back with the
new-look R'n'B-flava'd E-17. On 'Ressurection' (their first
album), the boys have turned over musical leaf - gone are
the upbeat choons, in come soulfull lurve songs in the
laid-back stylee of current single 'Each More...

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Review about E-17 songs
good | Reviewer: rebecca johnson
    ------ About the song Stay Another Day performed by E-17

hi this is rebecca johnson i love this song it is on of the best hope you will never get rid of it because it is one of the worlds best song you have ever done please just keep this song it reminds me of when my mum died i love it
by rebecca johnson

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