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"I represent the Yay Area," raps the Yay (Bay) Area's E-40
in his typical lyrically innovative style on "Rapper's
Ball" (featuring Too Short & Jodeci's K-Ci), the first hit
single off the popular Vallejo rapper's greatly anticipated
new album, Tha Hall Of Game. The collection never once
disappoints with its sixteen tracks packed, or rather,
sprinkled with Forty Wata's (A.K.A. E-40's) addictively
fresh, ever-evolving lyrical flow plus a talent-studded
cast of guest rappers and producers, including 2pac, Too
Short, The Luniz, Suga T., More...

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Reviews about E-40 songs

.. | Reviewer: naee
    ------ About the song Happy To Be Here performed by E-40

sO likee thiss is my favoritee sonqq ever..i can never play it too much..when im donw this song be havinqq the tears flowinqq and when im happy this sonqq have me smilinqq...this sonqq always qot me thinkinqq bowt my brother...andd god knw he aint cominqq back but i still miss hym !! andd i can relatee cuz alot of my fam either dead or in jail and all i can do is pray but yapp anyway im just happy to be here !!


say tellin u how it iz!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nunu
    ------ About the song Gimme Head performed by E-40

hey say what it iz me shit just stoppin by to tell you yo lyrics go for hard real nigga shit my nigga so keep bring a nigga them good azz hit and shit one luv and im out...........

i like them mayonnaise | Reviewer: Eric Penokie
    ------ About the song Mustard & Mayonnaise performed by E-40

i think this song speaks to the hearts of many young americans and is an uplifting theme that encourages safe sex, sobriety, peace, and kindness. If i were to grade this, it would surely give it a 5 stars *****! I own all the E-40 albums and the "grit and grind" cd would be nothing without this song, in fact, i would go so far as to say its not an album without 'mustard and mayonnaise.'

betroyalty | Reviewer: teena
    ------ About the song Loyalty and Betrayal performed by E-40

the song rocks and e-40 is tha bomb

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