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FORMED: 1971, Los Angeles, CA

1971 in California, Don Henley and Glenn Frey meet as
members of Linda Ronstadt's band. They realize they have a
mutual goal - the formation of their own band - which is
realized when teamed with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner
by Ronstadt's manager, John Boylan, as a projected backup
band. Instead, the Eagles are formed.

Signed by Asylum Records, the Eagles travel to London to
record with producer Glyn Johns. Their debut album is
released in 1972 titled Eagles. The first single "Take More...

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Review about Eagles songs
Timeless | Reviewer: Argel V.
    ------ About the song Wasted Time performed by Eagles

The themes are universal: loss, regret, resignation, and hope. That's why this song is so great and timeless. What human being that ever loved and lost cannot relate to these words? We have all been there at least once. Beautiful andnpoignant, Wasted Time will endure because we can all relate and identify with the character in the song. He is us.

Will stand the test of time. HAS... | Reviewer: roger B
    ------ About the song The Last Resort performed by Eagles

J ust pick the CD up, way back in the seventies having agood time last resort hita cord something eles man...forty years onit means so much more!stillsogreat to lisson to what a voice..l wont be around in forty years time but my sons will..

Model "Hotel" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hotel California performed by Eagles

A State Mental Hospital in Southern California was known colloquially in the '60s as the Hotel California. Musicians would check in to dry out from drug binges. It was located off a winding country road, and was Spanish Mission architecture. It is now a State University. Ironic ...

You're still the same ol' girl you used to be | Reviewer: Wild Bill
    ------ About the song Lyin' Eyes performed by Eagles

Seen this interpretation elsewhere, and it's what I always assumed:

The narrator is the boy she knew in school. He was head over heels for her, but she was practising her feminine wiles (perhaps hurting him in the process), and had set her (lyin') eyes on the stability and security of a marriage to a rich old man, which seen soon enough located and married, thinking she would be set for life.

But then, married too young to someone much older that she really had little connection to, boredom and restlessness sets in - the big, lonely old house with two people who are both there, but with little in common.

She takes a young lover (on the cheating side of town), but this too proves unsatisfying - she doesn't love him, and perhaps realizes he is just using HER for sex and perhaps a few trinkets purchased with the old man's money.

Back at the empty, cold house (is the old man asleep, perhaps snoring and farting once in awhile - could make for a long night!), she pours herself a drink and reflects on how her life and love have gone wrong. She threw away the love of her soulmate (the narrator, if he is the boy she knew in school, seems to think along these lines) for an empty shell of a relationship with the rich old man. Now there seems no way back, though she planned and worked so carefully to get where she is.

This is no song of longing for what might have been, at least on the narrator's part. For he no longer sees her with the fiery eyes of young love, but as a cold calculating schemer with Lying Eyes, and concludes there never was any real love returned to him, even then, cause she's still the same old girl she used to be!

In footnote,I formed this opinion and started listening to this song played loud to get over a girl I knew in school, who (I felt) lead me on and the rejected me for somebody older and more established!

Dark Desert Highway | Reviewer: Bonita Springs
    ------ About the song Hotel California performed by Eagles

Captain! This song is one of the most sexy gorgeous, deep, enchanting, touching, most moving pieces of music and I will love it always. It's mystery does seem be in the metaphors, however; I truly believe that Mr. Hendly had a unique experience in this hotel that inspired him to write this song and piece of music that will forever be that very special work of fine art, with enchanting lyrics painted with such detail like Monet and De Vinci , or great poetry like William Blake or Hemmingway. I often wonder where this place is, and how the lyrics written somehow in such a way that it lures you into the magical rhythm and soft melody that feeds your soul and imagination bringing to life the lovely old Hotel California, built in 1928,vivid colorful, sweet smells, warm, soft sexy images of a paradise found and then lost again, disappearing down a dark desert highway ........wow did I just say that? Meow? Sexy Meow.

Its about death, and final destiny. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hotel California performed by Eagles

On the highway to the writer destiny , they got in a crash, like a NDE, some people see a light , the writer saw a shimmering light, final destiny end of highway "Hotel Califonia" (Hell). The drugs , sex women mercedes benz and luxury, they had in their lifetime.came flashing back to them, then they wondered could this be heaven or hell?.It was hell. All that died including the writer on that day ended up in the master chambers. where they encountered the beast. They try to kill the beast, but they could not, they got scared try to leave. The doorman said to them, you can check out, but never leave.. Once dead, either in heaven or hell you can check out,your, name will be in the good book ,or bad book, but you cannot leave.

In ending the writer was talking about a vision he feel his soul is going to be at in the end, or he is predicting is own death and his afterlife.

People can check out of a marriage, relationship , drugs and sex, but you cannot check out of paying taxes and death.........

You Can't Buy Love! | Reviewer: Ol' Roy
    ------ About the song Lyin' Eyes performed by Eagles

A sad reflection of the reality of a woman who married a wealthy but old and impotent husband. Her old flame(youthful but not as rich)fulfilled her real needs - love and tenderness plus something more ;)

    ------ About the song New Kid In Town performed by Eagles


Perfect wording for all the ills | Reviewer: Jermain J.
    ------ About the song The Last Resort performed by Eagles

I love that song from the time I heard it first in the 70s outside the USA. It has remained my favorite till date, a loving song, and a very thoughtful word to go with the beats.

One of these NIGHTS! | Reviewer: Jordae
    ------ About the song One Of These Nights performed by Eagles

I'm an 18 year old and heard this song on the radio the other day. And my Aunt started singing it and said this is a nice song, and they sing just like how you love singing falsetto. So i decided to download it! Pretty AWESOME!

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