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"How much must I live through, just to get away?" sings Wil
Martin on Earshot's bullet-proof single, "Get Away."

That question beats at the heart of the band's aptly titled
debut album, Letting Go. Throughout the disc's eleven
tracks, Wil, drummer Dieter Hartmann and guitarists Mike
Callahan and Scott Kohler blast through a life's worth of
(very) moving targets.

"A lot of the songs are about relationships," admits the
singer, "or about having a bad day, where nothing seems to
go right, or where you just dwell on the negative. But the More...

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Review about Earshot songs

one day we will find love | Reviewer: esther farmer
    ------ About the song Someone performed by Earshot

It seems you are not alone in his world we have all felt this way at one time or another this song is great in realating to those times of betrayal and heart break it touches my soul



Pretty Good | Reviewer: Falina
    ------ About the song Someone performed by Earshot

Not the best of their songs, but still a pretty good casual listen (or permanent listen if you're one of those angsty people).
The music is was well written for these particular lyrics, and the singer did fantastic.

I'm sick of your cold and heartless words | Reviewer: Kelly
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Earshot

I love this song!!! This song reminds me perfectly of my situation right now... my ex-asshole(as thats the only thing I can call him) has hurt me one too many times... the last time... now being the final straw because he's not only ripping me apart... he's also ripping the life of our unborn child apart. So Jeff Valdes aka V-Dog... if you ever see this... FUCK YOU!! I'm sick of your lies, your betrayals, and I'm no longer afraid to say GOODBYE... I'M DONE... I'M THROUGH. Our unborn child will never know the fuckin mistake of a man you claim to be.

Rotten insides best review | Reviewer: Tommy
    ------ About the song Rotten Inside performed by Earshot

this song is absolutely marvelous that all i can say about it is that it will blow you out of the water with the emotions that you can just hear in the song

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