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Eazy E along with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Yella,
formed the original rap supergroup N.W.A (Niggaz With
Attitude). The lyrics of N.W.A. shocked many listeners,
as other rap from the time was Will Smith's Parents Just
Don't Understand. Songs by N.W.A. such as "F**k Tha
Police" and Straight Outta Compton became anthems for urban
youths. His record label Ruthless Records sold millions of
his solo and N.W.A. records.

The label was founded with drug money from eazy's days on
the streets, but he rose above that to become one of More...

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Review about Eazy-E songs
So Let Me Get This Right | Reviewer: Poodlejumper
    ------ About the song Nobody Move performed by Eazy-E

So Easy, complete with the STD that was a death sentence back in the day, decides to rape a woman.

Upon finding out that she is a transgendered, Easy decides to shoot her.


eazy dus it | Reviewer: slumz
    ------ About the song Real Muthaphuckkin G's performed by Eazy-E

Honestly I've listen 2 gangster rap ,and belive me eazy duz it.yo people say dre songs are better well ,my opion this track mudered all ... This is ma nigga with attitude..weather he alive or dead !he's the real motha fucken G

Street mobt | Reviewer: Wesleycardwell
    ------ About the song Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Streetz (featuring B.G. KnoccOut, Gangsta Dresta & Sylk) performed by Eazy-E

Strated from baton rouge man all I do is fight s,oke and drink and do women
Yea man I'm a big bitch madafucker but you is a fucking pussy bitch ass mada fucker I will smok your fucking ass bitch?

Typpical cut & paste wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Steve I.
    ------ About the song Merry Muthafuckin' X-Mas performed by Eazy-E

Everyone with these lyrics just cut & pasted from the same incorrect/unfinished lyrics, with a few (still wrong) variations.. If someone with an ear and some patience would take the time, they're not that hard. For example some put "candy red-top 6-4" you put "caddy rag-top" It's "candy rag-top". Just look at his damn car, it's NOT a Caddy, it's a 1964 Chevy Impala and it is a rag top.
It's not THAT effing hard, it just takes patience.

Eazy e is the best! | Reviewer: Locus
    ------ About the song Wut Would You Do performed by Eazy-E

Hahahaahah well i gotta say eazy is the godfather of gangster rap man!!! i am a very big fan!!! and this song is so awsum just looking at the lyrics i dont thnik any other rapper would be abel to do a song like what wuld you do aee. so overall eazy e is the best rapper their will be!!

Best Song of Eazy | Reviewer: G Funk
    ------ About the song Real Muthaphuckkin G's performed by Eazy-E

yo i love bumpin' Eazy's songs but this song is the only song that is better then all of dre's songs. i have to be real and say that the rest of eazy's songs are not as good as dr. dre's songs. i have to agree wit Anonymous, those are the greatest diss songs ever but i have to add ice cube's no vaseline(diss to nwa) and his other diss song king of the hill(diss to cypress hill)... cypress' hill comeback diss song, ice cube killa, is a pretty good diss song too.

Dre/Eazy | Reviewer: Dalton
    ------ About the song Real Muthaphuckkin G's performed by Eazy-E

I think Eazy's rap is waaayy better than Fuck with dre day, but i think dre is an overall better rapper in the end, and who knows, if eazy was still alive he could have been better, but everyone knows eazy from only NWA too, so who knows

the hood | Reviewer: trayvon johnson
    ------ About the song Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z performed by Eazy-E

yo its me an og from the streets from the new skool on an old skool beat not from comton but I rep eazy-e you see what it did to me did to me im the futer I should sirlute ya

best diss ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Real Muthaphuckkin G's performed by Eazy-E

yo man, dat is da best diss ever made homie, together wit "hit em up " . 2 gr8 songs performed by 2 of da best rappers that ever lived in diz world. Rest in peace all da fallen soljas.

YellowMan | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nobody Move performed by Eazy-E

Listen to the legandary cut Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt by the incredible early 80┬┤s dancehall artist named YellowMan.

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