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Ed Sheeran is blessed – he seems to know exactly where he
is going, and exactly how to get there. Where countless
others fail to make an impression amid today’s information
overload, Ed’s music and talent cut straight through.

He has a poise that is as welcome as it is unusual in
someone so young. He’s both utterly self-assured but still
charmingly open. He has a confidence that’s built not on
being able to sing someone else’s song quite nicely on a
teatime TV show, but on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
of gigs where it’s just More...

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Review about Ed Sheeran songs
Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Frances Darla Villena1929
    ------ About the song Thinking Out Loud performed by Ed Sheeran

17 is suppose to be 70
"Maybe just a touch of a hand" instead of maybe it's all part of a plan (which comes in the second chorus)
*for me instead of or me
Instead of right now it's "I am"
No "that" next to maybe
"When my hairs all but gone and my memory fades"
"And the crowds don't remember my name"
*in my mind and memory
And is not included next to I'm thinking 'bout
"Maybe it's all part of the plan"
"I'll just keep on making the same mistakes"
No "that" or "maybe" next to maybe

ed sheeren | Reviewer: lulu
    ------ About the song You Need Me, I Don't Need You performed by Ed Sheeran

Ed sheeran is amazing, talented, hot, fresh, new, cool, inspiration, has rythem, sick, dapper, cute, I look up to him, he is just some G bruv, no one can touch what he does without getting burned,Badly. Haters have nothing on him cuz he knows what he is and what he wants to be. His goals are clear and I hope one day I can be just like him.

Best Song Ever | Reviewer: Lilly
    ------ About the song The A Team performed by Ed Sheeran

The class a team is a song that can have a deep side and also a bright side. Ed Shereen made this song about a girl who sleeps with men just to make money and its sad because she is homeless and needs the money. If you think about this song you would see that it has a lot of meaning and it can really get to you. There are so mamy songs that people make that have so much meaning and you really dont know about it. Out of every song in the world this is my favorite song and it will always be.

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