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Edge Of Sanity was formed in Finspång, Sweden, in 1989. Dan
Swanö did a recording for a local hardcore band called
F.Z.Ö. in his four track studio in November of 1989. After
their vocalist had left the others stayed to jam a little.
They wrote and recorded the basic parts of "Pernicious
Anguish" that night. The day after Dan and Sami completed
the rest of the songs since Benny had to play soccer and
Dread had a hangover. This led to the formation of Edge Of
Sanity. Anders Lindberg joined on bass and they wrote
"Immortal Souls" in the More...

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One of their best. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Until Eternity Ends performed by Edge Of Sanity

Wickedly good song. Low-tuned guitars, catchy guitar riffs, semi-fast speed (around 160 beats/min), apocalyptic lyrics... has got Heavy Metal written all over it. Vocals sound from low graspy speech to more thicker roar (not too excessive though IMO). I think this song would make it to any heavy metallist's top 20 list.

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