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Something before we start: Rumors that EDGUY left the
stylistic ways of their successful albums VAIN GLORY OPERA
and THEATER OF SALVATION and changed to a more serious or
experimental style are not true.

Edguy - 2001

The new EDGUY album MANDRAKE is doubtlessly a typical EDGUY
album, plus a few little extras, sound-technical bonbons
and liven-up style variants. The song "Pharaoh" covering
more than 10 minutes of playing time is the longest track
on the album. This song flirts with oriental sound
sequences, the opener "Tears of More...

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Review about Edguy songs
Awesome! | Reviewer: Raven Goff
    ------ About the song Speedhoven performed by Edguy

Your story is very much appreciated by me. I imagined everything you said in your song. Though long, legnth is not an important factor, the story and the message behind your story is. It's about finding your way to a better life and ending your suffering and replacing it with peace and happiness.

Tobias and HANSI <3 | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song Out Of Control performed by Edguy

I just started listening to this song recently because I'm stupid and it took a year or so to find it existed !
Blind Guardian is my favorite band, and Hansi Kursch is my FAVORITE vocalist ever.. His voice gives me shivers.
Soon after Blind Guardian, I got into Edguy.
And this song, both Tobias of edguy and Hansi of Blind Guardian... I melted and this song is instantly in my top faves!

"my heart is a chamber of tears, fear and hate" - Hansi's line
I get goosebumps every time

I fucking love his voice

Amazing song! | Reviewer: SomeGuy
    ------ About the song Ministry Of Saints performed by Edguy

Ok, this song sparks sex. You know, you go out on the night, single man or woman and you feel like a hungry wolf (she-wolf) watching the sorroundings full of preys waiting to be hunted down by you.

The Meaning | Reviewer: Abdulrahim N.
    ------ About the song King Of Fools performed by Edguy

The meaning behind this song is to not follow the croud simply for the feeling of being normal, because in reality you could be following something that would indeed make you a fool.
Think for yourself, and decide for yourself what the truth is. If you mindelessly follow others there could be severe consequences, such as the rise of Fascism during World War 2, and indeed Hitler and other leaders were Kings of Fools during those times.

ha | Reviewer: stn
    ------ About the song Land Of The Miracle performed by Edguy

...Take a look into the book of fantasy and poetry and you will see:
What you can feel is everything you need to heal your crying mind,
the soul behind and everything that you may find inside your head...

...A million years have passed away to make us head for the decay and to unlearn just
what we yearn for all day long: right to be strong and stick to our ideals,
are they for real and do we just have lost the thread?...

I've been listening to this song a good hundredth times but nevere realized this part xD
legen...wait for it...dary!

el que fue el amor de mi vida | Reviewer: rose
    ------ About the song Scarlet Rose performed by Edguy

hola amor de mi vida, talves nunca veas esto, pero esta cancion es para ti y aunque te fuiste y me dejaste aqui sola, sin sostenerme a tu lado y nuestro amor murio, como la rosa escarlata, quiero que sepas que realmente no me dejaste sola, me dejaste dos cosas que ya nadie podra quitarme, una de ellas son los recuerdos, un momento de tu vida me pertenece y tambien lo que me hace mas feliz en el mundo, la mayor vendicion para mi, me dejaste un beb, gracias porque me ayudaste a hacerlo, pero es solo mio, amor de mi vida, estoy esperando un hijo tuyo!!!!

Jerusalem | Reviewer: William
    ------ About the song Jerusalem performed by Edguy

This song is about searching for a wider meaning of life and resist attempts by others to make fun of this. When they sing "The piper inside, can't you feel him calling", they're obviously refering to God. I don't know whether or not Tobias Sammet is a Christian, but this song has obviously got a religious track.

No Cusses! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Holy Water performed by Edguy

I like it! The album I have that this song is on, King of Fools EP, has 5 songs and every one except this one and King of Foolshas the f*ck word. Since this has no swears at all, I can finally play something in the car that's not from Afe of the Joker!(which is an awesome album)

Cat Scratch Fever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Save Us Now performed by Edguy

There was a time when I thought "mine" meant only reeducation. However, there is now a matter of importance needing attended to. Where does one find this "importannce" internet or intranet source?

Edguy: Sacrifice, from Rocket Ride | Reviewer: Eric Rodriguez
    ------ About the song Sacrifice performed by Edguy

It's an excellent song, and Toby is singing brilliantly. The lyrics are strong, and the imagery they conjure is striking. The music is kicking and powerful. I own the song myself, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys excellent, heavy guitar-oriented music.

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