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FORMED: Charleston, SC

In addition to acoustic-based songs such as the reflective
waltz time "Write Me A Song" and the soaring and
contemplative "Kentucky," the album also displays a
heretofore unseen side of McCain and his veteran band as
they kick out the jams on infectious rock 'n' roll numbers
like the hard-driving "Get Out Of This Town" and the
high-energy title track.

"I think this album is for sure the best one I've ever
made," McCain enthuses. "It shows a side of the band that
we never had really gotten on record. This time More...

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Review about Edwin McCain songs
the brown strands eyed guy... | Reviewer: bi@bebex
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

This song used 2 remind me of this one guy, a few yrs ago. Well he's got the strands in his eyes that color them wonderful which stop me n steal my breath like 4 ever! Sooo we did hangout awhile n then i finally told him that i like him alot n i had feelings 4 him. I was sooo madly deeply crazy 4 him but he didn't react in any way at all. N the funny thing is i was too young and i acted too childishly towards him...
So this is when the song comes in; "I'll be better when i'm older , i'll be the greatest fan in your life"... to be honest this guy was my neighbor, yeah he was...
if you're reading this guy

Letter to my gold mother | Reviewer: Yusuf olawale
    ------ About the song Letter To My Mother performed by Edwin McCain

Sunday, May 13, 2013
I couldn't sleep last night until I got up and wrote the words that I was mulling around in my head... This is my letter to my mother for Mother's Day today. I thought I would share it with you:
Thank you mom
for always attempting to keep me happy, safe,protected and nourished.
Thank you for your kindness, caring and immeasurable patience.
Thank you for looking out for me even when I didn't think I needed it
and for letting me fall when I had to learn by making my own mistakes.
Thank you mom for always being there;
for waiting up and worrying, for the lectures and the endless concerns.
Thank you for laughing with me, even though I knew at times that you were also laughing atme.
Thank you for the limitless hugs, kisses, vitamins and bandaids
and for the support I receive from you every single day.
Thank you mom
for keeping me warm, for keeping me calm and for keeping me sane.
Thank you for understanding that there were times that I would be mad with you
but always forgiving me in the end.
Thank you for sticking up for me, for encouraging me, for believing in me and
for letting me know that you never expected more than the best I could do.
Thank you mom
for teaching me to be honest, courteous, appreciative and loving.
Thank you for trying to teach me to be neat and tidy, even though it didn't work.
Thank you for teaching me to try to see the best in people, to be diplomatic in the face of conflict,
and when I had no choice but to fight, to fight fair.
Thank you mom
for instilling in me a love for travel, books, flowers, photography and food.
Thank you for nurturing me to always try something new and to keep an open mind.
Thank you for the thousands of back rubs, millions of phone calls, and for always sendingme home with left-overs. Still, to this day, you spoil me and I am incredibly grateful for it.
Thank you mom
for showing me how much beauty is around me, and reminding me of it constantly when my world feels dark and frightening.
Thank you for the endless stories, songs and games when I was young, and the endless conversation and knowing smiles now that I am older.
Thank you for putting up with thousands of diapers, my know-it-all teenage years, my sometimes insane 20's and the emotional roller coaster that was my 30's.
And through it all, thank you for loving me no matter what.
Thank you mom
for being so smart, so beautiful, so wise and so talented. It's nice to know that I have the potential somewhere in my genetics to possibly one day be as special as you.
Mom, the words "I love you" are not adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be your son, how much you are appreciatedor how much you will always mean to me,
so I will simply say:
Thank you mom for being my superhero,
my expert-in-everything,
and my very best friend.

Love | Reviewer: Kirsty
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

I have loved this song ever since I was a teen and it was in Cinderella story, iv been with my other half for 10 years n we r getting married this year. Im walking down the aisle to this song! I think the words say it all! :)

I think it has lots of meaning, not just romance. | Reviewer: Sabrina
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

He's not singing in first person. These are some of the things that the supportive person in his life said to him. "remembered the things that you said." Some of the lyrics are the things they said.

I dedicated this song to my best friend in the entire world, my cat Merlin. He was there for me in my childhood when no one else was. He supported me. The lyrics to this song spoke to me about overcoming suffering, pain and loneliness. I'll be better when I'm older... I'll be the greatest fan of your life ... And I've dropped out, I burned out, I'm on my way back from the dead. (It's about support) I tuned in , turned on , remembered the things that you said! These lyrics aren't just about romance. You are all missing some very profound messages in the lyrics.

wish me luck | Reviewer: Austin
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

First off Danielle from above your review really speaks to me this song also touched me though not in the same way A while back I really liked a girl but I couldn't get her to date me but she kept trying to hook me up with her friend instead so in a moment of pure stupidity I asked her friend out and she said yes and so we dated all the while I was going closer to k... and not my gf I was really a terrible boyfriend in that year which meant it was no surprise that she finally dumped me however by that point I had grown very close to k..... and we kept getting closer until I realized what kind of person she was so I cut things off. And now its all over right.... wrong her friend snuck back up on me and I finally realized how amazing of a girl she really is but how I can I expect her to take me back then I heard this song and instantly it brought all of my feelings of her to perspective and in such a beautiful way now I plan on writing her a description of my feelings as best I can and then singing her this song so wish me luck:-) ....but however that turns out this song is and forever will be dedicated to you Shanna.

A mother son dance song? | Reviewer: Christina
    ------ About the song Letter To My Mother performed by Edwin McCain

This song is horrible for a wedding, this song is about loving his mother that he has known his whole life, but the other woman he is talking about his his biological mom that he has never known. It doesn't translate very well for a wedding

Secretdedicationto26 | Reviewer: Aleealfonso
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

I love this song... I never got the chance to appreciate it until i felt recently that i was and will be the biggest fan of this guys life. Supporting and cheering him on through whatever. We lost what we had,but up to now after he caused me tears,i still love him. 26,if you're reading this, please know how much you mean to me up to now. I'll always be,your biggest fan. Iloveyouyabs.

For ma baby | Reviewer: Bk2
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

Wow! I jus simply luv da lyrics of dis song.previously, words could'nt describe how i felt for ma angel... Listening 2 dis song made me realise dat im truly the greatest fan of her life! TANYA(Jannu) if ur reading this,know dat u'll always be ma 1 n only...love u babe always n forever...

secong year boy , | Reviewer: thrina
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

I'm in love with the second year boy, named Kyle. When I first saw him, my heart melt. Even if we don't belong together, I still love him. Even he hurts me a lot, I still love him. I love you Kyle Santiago.

To Taylor Fitzgerald | Reviewer: Dave Fitzgerald
    ------ About the song I'll Be performed by Edwin McCain

This song speaks straight from the heart. This was our wedding song and was the best day of my life. Some where down the line i lost apart of me that did not hold up to the lyrics in this song. Since we have been apart i have grown back to the man you married and who you fell in love with when you first met me. Just like he says " I'll be better when Im older". I know it has only been three months but in those three months i have grown older, maturely and i will and want to be your greatest fan again. So please tell me we belong together. I Love You Taylor Fitzgerald.

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