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"I'm of the belief that you can look forever for happiness
externally and always be chasing it forever, but true
happiness only comes from deep inside,"

Edwin comments philosophically on his fourteen year-old
career that began when, as a teenager, he would sing to
himself continually. "Deep inside yourself is the only
place that you will find peace and a comfortable, happy
place. Then, you can radiate it externally and see the
effects it has on the people around you. I take pleasure
from that."

Another Spin Around the Sun, Edwin's More...

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good song | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Shotgun performed by Edwin

i love this song i heard it on my degrassi i can't find it on limewire i di once but it took to long so i deleted it like an idiot,any other download placces i could get this song?

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