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Or Who Are You - And What Have You Done With Elbow?

A lot of bands come roaring out of the blocks full of
youthful passion and claiming to be in it 'for the long
They make a great debut album and then stall or run out of
gas. elbow have done it the other way round. Not that
they're exactly the Buena Vista Social Club of rock'n'roll.
But it took them ten years to write their Mercury
shortlisted debut album, “Asleep In The Back”.

Now on new LP, “Cast of Thousands” and with a weight of
experience behind them that is surely unique More...

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Review about Elbow songs
Two points | Reviewer: Bad Hobbit
    ------ About the song Grounds For Divorce performed by Elbow

The line "Mondays is for drinking to the seldom seen kid" is sung quietly at the start. And it's "Polishing a compass that I hold in my SLEEP", not 'sleeve', to rhyme with 'keep'.

Rediscovered | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Great Expectations performed by Elbow

I remember listening to this year's so and it moving me to tears then. Listening to it again now, just after a break up, I'm in pieces. So beautiful and poignant.

Zz11 - my understanding of the Stockport supporters club is that they were on the bus home too after a match, and we're singing football songs. Just another bit of magic by Guy turning an every day occurrence into thought provoking poetry.

Uplifting | Reviewer: zz11
    ------ About the song The Stops performed by Elbow

During the first verse, I thought this was gonna be one of those Grounds-For-Divorce kind of fast tempo songs, but when it got to the chorus, I just thought 'wow'. It's amazing how they can combine these two types of music they perfect together, within one song. Another great from Elbow (:

I could listen to this all day | Reviewer: zz11
    ------ About the song Great Expectations performed by Elbow

This is such a fantastic song, as soon as I heard it I played it once more. Then again. Then another time. It is one of those songs where the more you listen to it, the more you understand. I have to do that with albums all the time, and I've only recently discovered how heart-warming this song is. There is one thing in this song that I am still not understanding, why did he say that 'Stockport Supporters club kindly supplied us a choir'? Did they really, and it was some sort of tribute? Or is it that I'm probably missing something obvious here. The only alternative meaning I could think of is the idea of local support, giving each other a hand.
The lyrics are so meaningful to me and to everyone who listens to this song I guess, as it is very relatable. The thing I really like about Elbow is that they write songs in which the meanings are very relatable. Nothing too drastic. There is one thing about this song that I don't feel is right though, I don't think it fits in the album too well. Leaders of the Free World was their political album, yeah? This would have fit perfectly into Cast Of Thousands or Build A Rocket Boys! I think. It sort of matches the idea that Build A Rocket Boys!, you know, the feeling of the flaws of the local community, but you have to love it. It doesn't exactly reflect the idea, but falls somewhere in the lines of it. Absolutely beautiful song though, like every single song Elbow have ever written. Guy is just such a poet.
Sorry for the essay, all. Beautiful song.

So special | Reviewer: ChrisW52
    ------ About the song Great Expectations performed by Elbow

Shivers and tears every time. It's so poignant and full of truths we can all recognise. I love the honesty of Guy's lyrics and the way they often provoke similar memories of my own; the old neighbourhood, friends and holidays spent digging tunnels and exploring. Then the terror and wonders of young romance. This song can always take me back. Never thought I'd treasure those days so much.

Review | Reviewer: zz11
    ------ About the song Switching Off performed by Elbow

Lovely song, very simple. Cast Of Thousands is an extremely underrated album, arguably one of their bests, along with Build A Rocket Boys! and Seldom Seen Kid. Is it just me, or after the first verse, you feel like Penny Lane could come in perfectly...

Review | Reviewer: Zz11
    ------ About the song Lippy Kids performed by Elbow

Beautiful song, could listen to it over and over again. It's a story of a very common town with these kind of people in them, drinking booze etc, but all of them having the potential to make their lives special, hence 'Build A Rocket Boys!'. Elbow are a fantastic group, and this song proves them at their best. Build A Rocket Boys! is questionably their best album.

Also... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Grounds For Divorce performed by Elbow

The line when he sings: "Doubt comes in on sticks, but then he kicks like a horse, whoa" I believe he is referring to gambling. The "sticks" being billiards poles and "kicks like a horse" with "horse" being a form of poker that is played at high stakes tables. He's mentioning as he gets drunk and gambles he starts with billiards and progresses to more serious debt collecting games.

One Day Like This... | Reviewer: MJS007
    ------ About the song One Day Like This performed by Elbow

I notice that some folk are upset at the lack of recognition this song has achieved... Well its made up for this by being one of the centre-point songs sung in its entirety at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony.

I think | Reviewer: TheBlueSauce
    ------ About the song Grounds For Divorce performed by Elbow

I think a lot of the lyrics are simply painting a picture e.g. badly-sung karaoke at a local/nearby bar; some guys are playing poker; "to a chorus of supposes from the little town whores": local ladettes speculating as to which guys are loaded, perhaps also as to who is well-endowed. "A Chinese cigarette-case, and the rest you can keep": the cigarette-case is the one thing he wants in a divorce settlement; or alternatively "the rest you can keep" is cigarettes he means to stop smoking. As the flowers denote, this is a man who means well though he can't resolve his pub-going habit with his marriage. Hence however, "Polishing a compass that I hold in my sleep" might refer to his difficulty in resolving his direction between going down the local drinking-hole(s) and keeping his marriage together.

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