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From the lilting pop melodies of "Where is the Healing" and
"A Glass Unkissed" to the hook-laden chorus and expressive
guitar solo of "Trapped Inside," Eleanor McEvoy's second
album and Columbia Records debut, WHAT'S FOLLOWING ME?,
powerfully chronicles the pain and frustration of everyday
life; "A fun day isn't going to compel me to write a song.
When I'm devastated by something, that's when I like to
write," says McEvoy. "I think music is a very important
part of the healing process. Hopefully people can hear
something in my songs More...

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Review about Eleanor McEvoy songs
If Only | Reviewer: Fahrai
    ------ About the song SOPHIE performed by Eleanor McEvoy

One of my best friends struggled with an eating disorder...and maybe she still is. Sometimes it's difficult to see what's plain paranoia and what's her trying to hide something, keep me from worrying. The two trolls in the comments section aside, this is a beautiful piece. Wonderfully composed, if a little sombre - which was the point, don't mistaken that as a negative - it tactfully addresses a very, very serious problem.

Shut Up and Die by Zefron and Ian Smoulderhotter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song SOPHIE performed by Eleanor McEvoy

my girlfirends were like, just here dudes.
and they were like betwinkle her and stuff.
and then we were like, oh mid god, someone cover that girls face in baloney.
zefron means joe jonas is in the hut! and by hut, i mean pizza hut!
i just seen the camel dudes...
sexxxay bitcheez
omg...justin beieber had my baby....wait a minute...i'm a guy?
and i saw his face, now i'm a belieber oh yeeesh
his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
and we're like, can you even get hard?
love you in like, complete totalment,
gotta skedoodle x
holy boyband...you betcha ladies
love zefron and smoulder-man. the brother of shoulder-man.

OHMIGOD by Chelsea and Madison | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song SOPHIE performed by Eleanor McEvoy

such an amazing cookie cutter popstar song!!
omg...i gave it like, to like, my pony, and Mr Twinkles said I should give it to my bfffff for christmas on a mixed tape!
its so upbeat and amaaaaaaaaaaazing to listen to
omg omg omg...I could listen to this like 4evz... and then oe onas who's my boyfriend, he wasw like, omg you could totally sing this, could like, shakira!
Gotta love sophie, although her outfit totally needs to be betwinkled guys. and he needs a vajazzle!
everyone should have have a sparkly vaj!
chelsea mcPretty
and Madison De La Sex and the City
amen and out. toodles xoxox

Thoughts | Reviewer: Jana
    ------ About the song SOPHIE performed by Eleanor McEvoy

This is by far one of the best composed songs i have heard.....not only are the lyrics well planned but they have a lot of meaning behind them

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