Elephant Man Albums

  • Dance & Sweep! Adventures Of The Energy God Album (2/1/2011)
    The Genisis (The Energy God's Introduction)
    How We Do It
    Party Up In Here
    In Jamaica
    Nuh Linga
    Dance & Sweep
    Wine And Dip
    Dip Again
    Step Ova
    Shake It
    Let Me Be The Man

  • Let's Get Physical Album (4/8/2008)
    Drop Dead
    Feel The Steam
    Throw Your Hands Up
    Back That Thing on Me (Shake That)
    Our World
    The Way We Roll (Remix)
    Sweep the Floor
    Body TalWho Wanna
    Five-O (Remix)
    Gully Creepa

  • Good 2 Go Album (12/2/2003)
    Pon De River Pon De Bank
    Bun Down / Stop Hitch
    Signal De Plane
    Head Gone / Wine Up Uh Self
    Bad Man
    Real Gangstas
    All Out
    So Fine
    Fuck You Sign
    Nah Gwan A Jamaica
    We We Are
    Fan Dem Off
    Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)
    Cock Up Your Bumper
    Indian Gal
    Bun Fi Bun
    Who U Think U Is
    Mexican Girl

  • Log On Album (11/13/2001)
    Log On
    Showdown (featuring Ky-Mani Marley)
    Jamaica Part II
    Su Wi Tan
    Warrior Cause (featuring Spragga Benz)
    They Call Me
    The Bombing
    Haters Wanna War
    Living In Hell (featuring Ricky Rudy)
    Yuh A War
    Bad Gal, Bad Man (featuring Cecile)
    New Application
    Bring The War
    Earth Angel (featuring Lukie D)
    Draw Wi Out
    Giving Them Peace
    Hot Girls (The Club; featuring Wayne Marshall)
    Blaze It Up
    Anything-A-Anything (featuring Ward 21)
    Hot An A Boil
    X-Rated (featuring Buju Banton)

  • Higher Level Album (11/12/2000)
  • Comin' 4 You Album (10/17/2000)

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