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There's never a dull moment with Elephant Man. With a
seemingly inexhaustible energy source, he throws himself
into everything he does: whether its playing football,
deejaying on the corner or in front of 10,000 screaming
concert goers - Elephant Man does it with abandon. Formerly
of the Scare Dem Crew, Elephant oozes individuality from
his trademark yellow-orange hair, to his custom designed
ride, his outlandish jewellery and a stew of signature
utterances - "You know how we roll"!

On stage Elephant is a whirlwind of activity: More...

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Review about Elephant Man songs
willie bounce | Reviewer: nadia
    ------ About the song Willie Bounce performed by Elephant Man

i don't understand wah are you a do you no me asked for willie bounce elephant man step for de song me no why are you internet people can't just understand well are you deaf are something

lyrics question | Reviewer: Rick Styles
    ------ About the song Willie Bounce performed by Elephant Man

The lady's voice at the start is a sample from Gwen Guthrie's hit song "Ain't Nothing Going On But the rent" She says "What can you do for me?". This line is sung in English not Pakistani. The original song was a huge international hit in 1986. It reached No. 5 in the UK charts. Sadly Gwen died of cancer a few years ago. Elephant man's producer uses the sample of her voice very well in Elephant's tribute to Gerald Bogle, the Jamaican dance hall choreographer who was shot dead by a rival. This assassin was caught; I don't know what sentence he got.

jook gal | Reviewer: sharnika
    ------ About the song Jook Gal (Remix) performed by Elephant Man

i fink dat jook gal is a heavy tune!!
still 2 da day it meks me wana just get up n dance n move ma feet.
elephant man just keeps blazin us wid wicked tunes and i cant wait 2 c wat he cums up wid dis year.
nuf luv neekie

Wille Bounce | Reviewer: kelsey
    ------ About the song Willie Bounce performed by Elephant Man

Hello my name is kelsey and i was just wondering what the lady at the beginnig said before the song is it paki language or is it smething i dont understand please tell me and if it is in paki language not tyring to be rude can you please tell me what she says in english thats ur the best and greatest

kelsey AKA sisi

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