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BORN: March 25, 1947, Pinner, Middlesex, England

In terms of sales and lasting popularity, Elton John was
the biggest pop superstar of the early '70s. Initially
marketed as a singer/songwriter, John soon revealed he
could craft Beatlesque pop and pound out rockers with equal
aplomb. He could dip into soul, disco and country, as well
as classic pop balladry and even progressive rock. His
versatility, combined with his effortless melodic skills,
dynamic charisma and flamboyant stage shows made him the
most popular recording artist of More...

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Review about Elton John songs
Ticking Elton &Bernie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ticking performed by Elton John

I first listened to the the song Ticking on the Caribou album when I was eighteen.At the time I thought " amazing song" but being young & naive didn't fully comprehend the implications & gravity of the lyrics. Fast forward nearly forty years later, I have just played the song today. Wow, what a masterpiece one of Elton & Bernie finest, supreme collaborations. sublime, absolutely sublime.

A heartwarming classic, and a gem of a song :) | Reviewer: John Bartus
    ------ About the song The Measure Of A Man performed by Elton John

Elton John has had a long history of songs for over 40 years, this is one of his best projects; along with "Rocket Man" and for doing the soundtrack of "The Lion King". This song represents Rocky's journey throughout the films and what it means to have heart. Keep up the good work Elton John! :D

Ticking...an incredible song! | Reviewer: Nigel Ciera
    ------ About the song Ticking performed by Elton John

I've sung this song ever since 1974 when I was 11-years-old. I can sing it perfectly every single time I hear it. I am truly amazed how talented both Elton and Bernie are to have written something like this so early in their career AND written something like this back in 1974. This is truly a priceless song!

Gold | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sixty Years On performed by Elton John

I first heard this live in Perth W.A. In 1971 and was captivated then and for all these years since.
No need to look for hidden meanings, they are all there authentically and rich in sound and sense.
The version was John at his best piano and I loved it. I love it still. Gold.

The Union is an album for Music lovers | Reviewer: M Moon
    ------ About the song Hearts Have Turned To Stone performed by Elton John

Any person who has a true affinity for listening to and appreciating music, will find these tracks to be mind blowing. The Cajun and gospel style from Leon mixed with the soulful, rocking blues from Elton is soul awakening. The lyrics leave a lot to the imagination as well as make some powerful societal observations and a few truths on love.
The feeling of the the friendship, history, and deep respect that these two artists feel for each other comes through in a huge and powerful way.
These two have come together with such heartfelt reasons for making this album and the heart and soul they put into it comes through too. The talent, wisdom, and experience in this duo makes it one of the best albums of all time.

Measure of a man | Reviewer: Adam Shields
    ------ About the song The Measure Of A Man performed by Elton John

Great song great lyrics, aswell as it being about Rocky's journey I also think it refers to Stallones also with obstacles he has had to overcome and his own achievements, where he came from and where he is today.

Wouldn't call this a review.... question maybe... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where's The Shoorah? performed by Elton John

What the HECK is a Shoorah???????
I WILL say, Elton once said on TV that Blue Moves was his favourite album... It's ALWAYS been mine.. I love this song... just don't really know what it's about....

Timeless perfection | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Friends performed by Elton John

Elton and Bernie have always amazed me with their music. Friends has a truthful and beautiful message that is haunting when one feels the music... I consider Elton and Bernie my friends because when I hear their music, everything's alright.

'time o nmyside couldbe time spent with you, | Reviewer: George Soares
    ------ About the song I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues performed by Elton John

' a reminder that even when it seems difficult for us to be together,there is always time on my side could be time spent with you you and,vice-versa, be the posabilaty, for deep conection and vicevcouldbe time slnt with you an vica versa
' then think when and of course ,how ,be theposabilaty whn you see who, oand were-are evan, Wherehour sid that we may not

Esquire | Reviewer: Just Julius
    ------ About the song The Measure Of A Man performed by Elton John

Its an expression of a million feelings,both of the victim and the on-looker. The measure of a man, a song like a legend worthy of being handed down from generation to generation;especially at those ceremonies/rituals whereby teens are turned to men. Dignifying song!

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