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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 17 October 1973,
Kansas City, Missouri, USA. This white rapper burst onto
the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the
horrorcore genre. Mathers endured an itinerant childhood,
living with his mother in various states before eventually
ending up in Detroit at the age of 12. He took up rapping
in high school before dropping out in ninth grade, joining
ad hoc groups Basement Productions, the New Jacks, and D12.
The newly named Eminem released a raw debut album in 1997
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Review about Eminem songs
The Greatest Inspiration | Reviewer: Matt Cable
    ------ About the song Guts over Fear feat. Sia performed by Eminem

Em, I don't know if you read this shit or not but I've been following your music for a long damn time. Since My Name is. You help me a lot. I look up to you for inspiration dude. I'm writing books and songs too, but I'm not a rapper man. Maybe you might check out my youtube channel and see what I've been up too. Cricket has a ticket to fame, but I get discouraged a lot too. So, thanks for this song bro. Love you man, no gay shit, just real shit. Peace Em.

Oh and fuck Esham. His pussy lyrics I cunt hear it. lol later

guts over fear | Reviewer: louis
    ------ About the song Guts Over Fear performed by Eminem

with eminem ever song is a hit ,reguardless of contravesal lyrics and this is one of them , teaming up with sia to make a song with meaning and a part of what his been through . for this i say six stars out of seven

sorry mama | Reviewer: rayann
    ------ About the song Stan [Radio Edit] performed by Eminem

i like this because it reminds me of my friends and people that means so much to me... and i love Eminem so much... i am a huge fan
that what to meet him so bad.., ray ray

    ------ About the song Who Knew performed by Eminem

Who told you that I feel very happy not always upset about it and I will be in the evening i will have a lot of candy floss with me and my brother eat some because i might not finshed all of it today and they might be very angry with me and my brother will always have to have a lot

sattvik | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mockingbird performed by Eminem

Dude you are insane!The best way of rhyming the words.A very emotional background music.This is a true life experience I believe.There many fathers who have tough times dealing with their daughters.Life is not a joke, it remains as a universal truth.The most important thing I wanted you to no is you are an efficient rapper.

Miss | Reviewer: Joseph
    ------ About the song When I'm Gone performed by Eminem

Eminem this is really beautiful, it expresses so much pain in your heart that it makes you write a song about it. This reminds me of my parents because they are always busy at work and i miss them and i say to them please can we play together as a family, but they keep saying no. Sorry about that i just wanted to tell you i like this song, i didn't mean to express my feelings, so just thank you for making this song.

Eminem Fan | Reviewer: Stan
    ------ About the song Bad Influence performed by Eminem

His songs motivates me and take me life of ma life... Proud being eminem fan....If anywhere eminem u c ma message pls rpy me on pratik.solanki18@gmail.com

Sh*t | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sing For The Moment performed by Eminem

Eminem is litteraly my favorite rapper. Personally, I hate rap. But then i hrd about Eminem and He became awesome in my mind. "To be able to break a motherfucking table over the back of a couple of faggots cracking it in half." and "the motherfucking rock and... roll hall of fame even though when I walk into church I burst in a ball of flames. The only hall of fame I'll be inducted in is the alcohol of fame."~rapgod:eminem

Miss Venus fucking figure it outblondie | Reviewer: Miss cronkhite
    ------ About the song Kim performed by Eminem

Good job blonde . I live the way your so humble, no wonder u can't stop doing drugs . I am beautiful I side and out blondie One more trip to treatment. Difference is, I will always love my fans, eventful don't have any . It grew to ur head fast ,too fast . Have fun trying to b happy

Ps I love u

anonymous | Reviewer: Brian
    ------ About the song Mockingbird performed by Eminem

When i was in 6th grade my friend showed me this song for the first time i fell in love with the song so now when that song comes on the radio i always sing(rap) along with it U ROCK EMINEM

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