Eve Albums

  • Lip Lock Album (5/14/2013)
    She Bad Bad
    Make It Out This Town
    All Night
    Keep Me From You
    Wanna Be
    Mama In The Kitchen
    Grind Or Die
    Zero Below
    Forgive Me
    Never Gone
    She Bad Bad (Remix)

  • Here I Am Album (6/1/2007)
    Cash Flow
    Get That Money
    Give It To You
    Guess Who's Single
    Turn Me On
    We Belong Together
    You Know I Need It

  • Eve-olution Album (8/27/2002)
    Gangsta Lovin'
    Irresistable Chick
    Party In The Rain
    Argument (skit)
    Let This Go
    Hey Y'All
    Figure You Out
    Stop Hatin (skit)
    Double R What
    Ryde Away
    As I Grow
    Let Me Blow Your Mind

  • Scorpion Album (3/6/2001)
    Who's That Girl?
    Let Me Blow ya Mind
    3 Way (Skit)
    You Had Me, You Lost Me
    Got What You Need
    Frontin' (Skit)
    Gangsta Bitches
    That's What it Is
    Scream Double R
    Thug in the Street
    No, No, No
    You Ain't Gettin None
    Life Is So Hard
    Be Me
    Bonus Track
    Got It All

  • Eve-First Lady Of Ruff Ryders (Edited) Album (9/14/1999)
  • Ruff Ryder's First Lady Album (9/14/1999)

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    Reviews about Eve albums

    Alliance Feature Recognition and advertisement. | Reviewer: Yohannes Lukas Ham Shedrok Sellasie I
        ------ About the album Eve-First Lady Of Ruff Ryders (Edited) performed by Eve

    To Eve Of RuffRyders,

    from Yohannes Lukas Ham Shedrok Sellasie I
    of Born Legends
    Phone Number:07873215528 or 07788137897

    I would like Eve and Ruff Ryders to feature on our future records and in our future films.
    (a)ne waddada anta n(a)g(a)sta nagastat, the a's in brackets are upside down e's for pronounciation that I could not type on computer keyboard;this means I love you empress in Amharic Ethiopian language.
    Truely yours from (Emperor Yohannes S L 5000 Mandingo tribe) of Ethiopia in the line Emperor Sellasie The first and Empress Menen and the line of Solomon and Queen Makeda of Sheba and the root of King David and the same lineage and Loins and the same blood that runs through our veins
    We are performing at club Labitos Leicetser England, 19/10/07 10pm till 6am. the performance starts at 12pm tickets are available from Olies Kitchen Melbourne Road or call phone lines for purchase. Thanks.
    Have a nice Autumn.

    You can’t sneak a filler track by me! | Reviewer: Lunafish
        ------ About the album Eve-olution performed by Eve

    Excuse me if I sound contrived, but I love Hip Hop. Hip Hop like all genres of music is the expression of emotion. Hip Hop is expression of emotion told in a rhythmic form of spoken word over an instrumental with a beat. With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion than Eve is not a Hip Hop artist. Eve stopped being a Hip Hop artist after she released “Love is blind” the street-tale of domestic violence. Do not get me wrong; if she chooses to put together slapdash collection of songs with a minute smattering of good ones and call it an album, then that’s her prerogative. Damnit! That IS her prerogative.

    Eve hails from Philadelphia, the home of the critically acclaimed and immensely talented Jill Scott and The Roots. Unfortunately for her, I don’t think that she got a sip of the same water. Instead of documenting life and discussing social issues that are important to her (a la MC Lyte) or making feminist rhymes (a la Queen Latifah,) she settled for infantile shaggy-dog tales of her superficial life with stories that lack consequence.

    Despite suffering from delusions of grandeur, (she has got skills on the microphone but lacks lyrical brevity therefore is no Hip Hop heavyweight) she wastes away overproduced tracks courtesy of Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz and 7 Aurelius, with tired one-dimensional lyrics that are taxing to listen to.

    The standard of the music is very low with a few desperately needed peaks. As you may have heard played to death on the radio, “Gangsta lovin’” and “Let me blow your mind” straight out of Dre’s catalogue of hits, and “Satisfaction” a Swizz Beatz special are the few songs that do not require usage of the skip button.

    Truth Hurts makes an appearance on “What!” when Eve states that “there ain’t a b*tch alive that can take mine.” My favourite of low-expectation having “love” songs has got to be “Figure you out,” where yours truly meets a guy at the bus stop with an ex-con who has a daughter. I must take this time to identify her overuse of the word “daddy” when referring to men. Why? Does she lack in self-esteem to a point where to she needs a man to play her “daddy” or is she asking for a pimp? This subordinate women tripe infuriates me. She employs the help of children on “As I grow” which is a nauseating “I Can (Nas)” wannabe.

    I pause for another question. How on earth can you have an 18-track album with only three good tracks? Simple elementary numerical skills illustrate the gross imbalance. The production on this album is thick. By creating booming beats and noisy disorganised instrumentals the listener is distracted from her. You may find yourself dancing blindly to her song about how 'ghetto' she still is, what she can buy and who she can have sex with, but Eve doesn't differ herself from anyone. She doesn't demand respect in any way.

    In short, this album proves to be a waste of time and it’s a shame that she couldn’t go beyond the expected, the tacky and the generic to make a real record. Oh well… must go and listen to some real music.

    *Note to readers" please comment on my review if you rate it so I can improve my critical style. Thank you.*


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