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Mysonne Exodus Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2013 07:52:08 PM

Yo bitches 'aint dye for you
And nigga stay in line for you
They dont stop flame when you nigga put theat eye to you
I 'aint lie to you, get out of line
And your pussycat will see taht I don't lie to you
I try to coexist for cours
But know that call me only shit for hours
They only get the power only if I bitch
This is no trip no surrender this is war bitch
You forget I really put working
One thig for sure so that's one thign for certanly
They won't find no air, no window just current, damn
Nurcy, churchies, ...
This nigga get nervous cause they know I go loco
Catching in solo,wrinting for the coco
They got me and my ...
If this nigga don't let us ...
I'mma lie this fake as nigga
Tell' em perform .. damn
Dos, tres, catro, cinco
Jack pot, bingo,
You know this things go
It's nothig else to say
Feed the wolves or became the prey