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Faktion is a new band whose name, which guitarist Josh
Franklin conceived, is one with which the members identify
strongly. “It means 'family' to us, acceptance,” Franklin
says. It also speaks for the band's fans, which he
describes as a wide-ranging group with many factions
within. “We have people my age, but their parents like our
music too. We'll have a group of guys that'll be moshing to
'Take It All Away,' but when we get to 'Letting You Go,'
they'll be singing along with the girls.” “Nobody gets
excluded,” Dutton adds. "We're a More...

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Now... | Reviewer: Recovering From A Broken Heart
    ------ About the song Letting You Go performed by Faktion

I am finally able to let go. With a New Year comes a new begining and a lot of changes. This is what I have planned on doing. 10 long, sorrowful, heart-wrenching months I have spent crying over my lost...but now I am to the point where I am letting go.

Although this will be our final goodbye, Dominic, I shall always love you. No1 will ever be able to take your place, but I am finally letting you go.

Jan 1st, 2008

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