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Family Force 5

The band standing in the Field House at Spring Arbor
University on the Heart Support Tour.
Background information
Origin Georgia, United States
Genre(s) Crunk rock More...

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Review about Family Force 5 songs
Zombie boss | Reviewer: Tristan
    ------ About the song Zombie performed by Family Force 5

Some of these lyrics are not correct, but I still love this song! This is probably my favorite song by FF5! If you ever have the time you should look this song up on youtube! There is a dance that goes with the song!

okay i think this.. | Reviewer: Katie
    ------ About the song Peachy performed by Family Force 5

I, see you as a paradigm
of a life that seems so amused
by all the things that I refuse
I, think ur walkin' on broken glass
and I hope you're not going down fast
The part i posted above^^ is talking at an atheist i is a christian talking to an atheist about how when an atheist(probably a rude one) tries to argue with those who believe in God they are just acting kid of disrespectful and "walking on broken glass" the singer hopes this atheist is not "going down" maybe because of his lack of belief??

Christianity | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song Replace Me performed by Family Force 5

Yup, a Christion song, for Fine arts (a compitetion in most churches were the whole state makes a video, paints, band, or watever, all churches in the state compete (actually, only assembly of God churches)) my brother did a video with this song, when it is out on youtube or ourr Church site I will post it here :D

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Topsy Turvy performed by Family Force 5

The song "Topsy Turvy" helps me get through tough times saying that i will be able to get through them no matter how hard it may get. But i would conisder this song my number 1 favorite song for getting through tough times.

Not just for Christians | Reviewer: Bryan V
    ------ About the song Peachy performed by Family Force 5

They may be a Christian band, but I am certainly not a Christian. Yet I love this band. And listening to them you wouldn't think they were actually a part of that genre. Not because that type of music doesn't offer anything good...not at all. But because unless you really listen the whole "God" thing isn't in your face.

Just awesome music. I can't believe they aren't bigger.

Triple F is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Sydney Alexis
    ------ About the song Dance Or Die performed by Family Force 5

Family Force Five is sooo flippin' incredible!!! i loved them from the beginning!! this is my fav song by them!!! they rock soooo hard!!!!! i have this CD!!! this would sound awesome live!!!!!! i love soul glow activatur!!!!!

gay vocals | Reviewer: Manders
    ------ About the song Supersonic performed by Family Force 5

I think it is a good song, and what is with the part that says "gay vocals" thats not part of the song and your opinion of their vocals (in the lyrics section) was stupid. Why did you pu the lyrics there if you didn't like the song?

Totally about Jesus! | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song I Love You To Death performed by Family Force 5

Hey this song isn't about anyone except Jesus, almost all of their songs, except maybe party foul, are worship to God and their goal is to Rock out for Jesus, so sorry to break any girls heart this isn't about Solomon's wife or anyone, its about their real love Jesus!

Great Song! | Reviewer: Spinarama
    ------ About the song Fever performed by Family Force 5

See, for some reason I always avoided listening to Family Force 5. Maybe it was the name, I thought they'd be stereotype rappers, or like the Jackson 5 or something. Boy was I glad to be wrong.
Fever's got to be one of the greatest songs ever. I'm going on about three days of listening to Fever and I have yet to tire of it.

this is hott | Reviewer: courtney
    ------ About the song Love Addict performed by Family Force 5

sweet:p i love this song it realy speaks that you cant live without the most loveing living thang which is my personal savior jesus christ i love this song it can really reach the good news out to young people like me thanks crouton and the rest of the band yoy guys ROCK!!!!!!!:o:p:p:o

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