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When musicologists add this year's chapter to the history
of rock, they'll talk about the proliferation of
rock-rappers, pre-packaged boytoys, and scantily-clad teen
nymphs. Thanks to Fastball, however, 2000 will actually end
on a high note. The Harsh Light of Day picks up where
1998's platinum-plus All the Pain Money Can Buy left off.
It's an intoxicating album with a depth and emotional range
that broadens with each listen.

With Miles Zuniga and Tony Scalzo evenly dividing
songwriting and lead vocal duties, and drummer Joey More...

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Review about Fastball songs
A Remorseful Retrospective | Reviewer: The Anonymous Daughter
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

When I first thought about the lyrics, it was only the chorus I remembered and I thought about my girlish fantasies about finding 'the one.' I imagined it would be just the two of us and together we'd escape from the world. I was at the tail end of the baby boomers, and along with my parents, my elder siblings have established a comfortable middle-class living. I had a learning disability and was a social pariah, but none us knew what was wrong with me - back in the 60's and seventies.

I alienated my husband because I couldn't manage even domestic household responsibilities. Before I separated from my husband, I was unable to keep pace with my precocious little daughter. When I lost custody of her it devastated both of us. She had severe separation anxiety well into her teens. I ran away for six days in the belief that only in my absence would she get the help she needed. Since then, I've always blamed my "Cinderella Complex" as the underlying reason for the sense of abandonment that she and I both suffered. We are both wounded and scarred. The lyrics, "The Children woke up and they couldn't find them . . ."(me), cuts me to the core like a dagger through the heart. And yet the escape fantasy is still with me and I still have a wanderlust to take to the highway. If it ever were to materialize, however, it will not be without my daughter.

Never Knowing the Way | Reviewer: BRIA SMITH
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

We were just camping up in the Pickney rec area near ANN ARBOR lising to a small station and hear the song, I rember the first time I heard it and went out and bought the single tape and played it till it wore out just love the song What a Great ONE HIT WONDER

My very subjective interpretation | Reviewer: Left behind
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

I almost went into shock the first time I heard this song. It could be applied to my parents. The two of them live in a world of their own making, and it is one that has never entirely incuded their children in any real way. As kids we were dragged out on trips that started, quite literally at 4am in the morning, before sunup. My parents have made their money in life by being the "early birds", buying developing and selling before anyone else knew what the heck was going on. They've moved constantly in life and had a blessed life off in their sailboats or plane, exploring here and there and moving house again and again. We have no social center, and it makes the concept of family little more than a rubber stamp at Christmas. Basically they've taken off all their lives and had a great time doing it, and in a sort of mental oblivion about their kids. They have the ultimate freedom and the road they walk on is paved with gold. "Their children woke up and they couldn't find them", My brother and I have sort of got left behind, from day one. And in many ways it has been heavily laden with luck for then - the time that they were born. "But where were they going without ever knowing the way". One could have been a complete "retard" and still successful if born during WWII because the prosperity that came afterward set those people up for life. They just rode the wave of their time. "It's always summer they'll never get cold...." and they really don't get it. They figure its been hard, but in comparison to those after them, its been a road so well paved for them that they'll never truly know growing cold or getting old in the metaphorical sense. Ever word of this song is a metaphor for my parents in my eyes, except the wine - they don't drink. Mind you, even that could be a metaphor for the drunkeness of their own self-absorption...
Sounds bitter, but its not. I am resigned to this reality.

This song sounds happy but is kind of sad | Reviewer: Nicole
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

It's about a married couple leaving their children and committing suicide. They rather be dead then live another day like that. Everyone thinks its a car accident that killed them so they tell the children this story of heaven like " the road that they walk on is paved in gold". And like don't worry cause where they are" it's always summer, they never get cold...." think about it. I loved this song but it creeped me out when I really listened to it.

Isn't it Obvious? | Reviewer: Maxerd
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

They went to Florida! Retired Canadian "Snowbirds". Yeah, that's it. "And when the car broke down they started walking..." No, they could never miss their daily round of golf. Nooooo way!

Found it! | Reviewer: Linda
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

This song was in my head but I couldn't figure out who or what it was. My 23 year old son finally identified the song for me on Christmas Day as he was loading tons of good music on my new IPod. To me, they are on a road adventure with no regrets, destined to find a better place. No cold or grey - love this upbeat tune!

The Way | Reviewer: a Fan
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

FWIW, my take on the song is that the couple committed suicide to escape. The wine had whatever it was that sent them onto the golden road. Not happy. But a great tune and lyrics.

The Chorus | Reviewer: eyesopen
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

I think the chorus is half sarcastic but also half sincere. After all, the road is never easy when you are away from everything you know and there is nothing for you to depend on, and you don't get that kind of absolute liberty and have absolute security with it. At the same time, it also believes in the fantasy to an extent. If you leave everything behind, then there isn't anything to hold you back either, and you can't just take a dump on that kind of dream completely.

superb! | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Out Of My Head performed by Fastball

I always love listening this song. This is truly a ''superb'' song. This song has beautiful lyric. It's not just simply an easy-listening song. It helps you contemplate, yes indeed.

How I interprate "The Way" | Reviewer: Nikki
    ------ About the song The Way performed by Fastball

First, the last two lines of the chorus "... they wanted the highway... they're happier there today." I think the lyrics are actually "... they WANDER the highway... they're happier there today." I could be wrong, but it makes more sense. The definition of wander is to move about without a definite destination or purpose. That makes sense, as another line in the chorus is "... where were they going without ever knowing the way."

As for the story, what I had heard is that the song was written based on a newspaper article about a group of people, who were all parents, who decided to take a road trip and, somewhere along the way, disappeared.

There are a few lines/lyrics in the song that I think have specific meanings, based on what I learned while getting my minor in literature.

1: "... they left before the sun came up that day." Often, in literature, in many different ways, the sun represents time. Specifically, here, I think it's a reference to a time in their lives. They were all relatively young, they had young children. The lyrics could be drawing a parallel between the early time of day the characters in the song left, and the early time in their lives the people disappeared/died.

2: "... an exit to eternal summer slacking." In literature, seasons also represent time, such as the seasons in a person's life. Generally spring is childhood, summer is young adulthood, autumn is middle age and winter is old age. You could say these people were in the summer of their lives. Exit could mean death, and death is eternal. These people died as young adults, in the summer of their lives, and will "never get old and gray." So, "an exit to eternal summer slacking" is a perfect metaphor.

3: "... it's always summer, they'll never get cold... they'll never get hungry... they'll never get old and gray." Exactly like the previous example, these lyrics are a perfect metaphor for the fact that these people died as young adults, and, if you believe in a Christian version of an afterlife, they'll spend the rest of eternity as young adults in heaven, in the warmth and light of God's love. They'll never age, they'll never hunger.

4: "... Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold." In the Bible, part of Revelation 21:21 reads "... The great street of the city was of pure gold..." The reference to "Streets of gold" is generally and universally accepted as a metaphor for heaven, and is referenced over and over again in literature, throughout history, and throughout the world. It is not a huge leap of the imagination to interpret these lyrics in the song to mean that the people died, and are in heaven.

I have a few thoughts about a few of the other lyrics, but I'm going to leave it at that for tonight, because, lol, I think I've already spent too much time on this already. I'm not trying to show off, or trying to get people to think that I'm super-smart or anything. I just find this stuff really interesting. Like I said, I minored in literature, but I got my bachelor's in psychology, so I tend to analyze, and over-analyze, things a lot, usually to a fault. I love music, and I love taking what I know about literature and metaphors and trying to figure out what a person is trying to communicate through a song or a poem. It's almost like cracking a code: if you can figure it out, there's a feeling of great accomplishment, and you get to uncover a secret message.

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