Fat Joe Lyrics

SOME things never change. South Bronx-native Joe
Cartagena's upbringing in the heart of hip-hop's birthplace
has kept him grounded. His success has had little effect on
his ability to produce rap music in its purist form. After
three solid albums, the man known as Fat Joe still feeds
hungry hip-hop heads with the most genuine streetwise
hardcore music in the game. Now, with his new Terror
Squad/Atlantic release, "JEALOUS ONES STILL ENVY
(J.O.S.E.)," Fat Joe brings rap back home to the streets,
seizing control from the current wave of More...

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Review about Fat Joe songs
horrid | Reviewer: Dominick Torres
    ------ About the song Madison Squares performed by Fat Joe

this is the worst attempt of re writing the lyrics, i am pretty sure a six year old made this because this was horrible, i now hate this song because these lyrics were that bad. This terrible lyrics actually gave me cancer, turned me gay, and i now got aids. i hate whoever made this

Makaveli THA DON | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Fofo performed by Fat Joe

Who the fuck is fat joe,,yho joe,niga you a dump hoe..thnkin the fofo shit gon leave fiffty lyricaly speechles,homie u a bitch..we make the gunz cum out..u fuckin lucky Pac is dead,for he would hve rippd ur ass lyrically apart!

prp | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Make It Rain performed by Fat Joe

what the fuck has little wayne done to help all the black people around the world? hes done nothing. you are being used by these record companys and now you have fallen victim to this bullshit. Listen to real music and try to uplift yourselfs, yall are stuck in a hole with this crap.

Hi man | Reviewer: Bbosa George
    ------ About the song Make It Rain performed by Fat Joe

Hi man wats up,am your new friend in deed,so the reason why i did write to u is that i wanna leave becouse am tired of this shit am facing,please help mi if contact with u call mi at 256-436027,its a pleasure t2 talk t2 u

50 is a damn bitch | Reviewer: raysoul
    ------ About the song Fuck 50 performed by Fat Joe

damn man!! fat joe is hot,thats nigga shows maturity 50 ain't nobody if not for dre thanks to him,this 50 just got into the game not quite long what da he really know about the street have heard some of his song they are suck xcept for many man aside from that he ain't nobdy but a bitch.

duz song is da BOMB!!!!!! | Reviewer: ghetto b****
    ------ About the song Make It Rain performed by Fat Joe

OMG! every time hear this song i juust wanna scream coz it reminds me of my ex boyfriend who used to luv the song and he used to play everytime wen we were togetha ahg man lil wayne and who eva u r featuring u r da bomb

My Queens clown | Reviewer: Shizzle
    ------ About the song My Fofo performed by Fat Joe

I kinda like the boy 50 by the way he plays the game seems like he still needs some childhood lessons from his mama because the boy is going nutts, stay on yo f*ckin' lane n*gga, listen to that when the niggas blow that sh*t into yo ears, this is still yo first chapter in da music industry, otherwise it seems like 9 bullets will come back again to yo ass again till you feel yo shit on yo pants you slut.

Ace Mac | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Make It Rain Remix! performed by Fat Joe

This niggas fire. His Lyrics are hard and he's got that tongue twist shit. He's the next hottest shit to come out the Chi. You tube him. Oh and Weezy Is fire on any track he touches. why do you think so many niggas want him on their shit. Cuz hes fire and it sells.

nice song | Reviewer: danisides
    ------ About the song Make It Rain Remix! performed by Fat Joe

the whole guys in the music sang great, r.kelly the ultimate, TI, ROSS, WAYNE, I WANNA KNO WHO PRODUCE THE SONG AN THE BEATING


hello.. | Reviewer: hello
    ------ About the song My Fofo performed by Fat Joe

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