Fefe Dobson Albums

  • Joy Album (11/22/2010)
    Thanks For Nothing
    Can't Breathe
    You Bitch
    Didn't See You Coming
    Watch Me Move
    I Want You
    I'm A Lady
    In Your Touch
    Set Me Free
    I Made Out With Your Boyfriend
    Johnny Cash
    Black Haired Boy

  • Sunday Love Album (2/7/2006)
    As A Blond
    Don't Let It Go To Your Head
    If I Was A Guy
    Get You Off
    This Is My Life
    Miss Vicious
    Man Meets Boy
    Get Over Me
    The Initiator
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    Be Strong

  • Fefe Dobson Album (12/9/2003)
    Stupid Little Love Song
    Bye Bye Boyfriend
    Take Me Away
    Rock It Till You Drop It
    Revolution Song
    Kiss Me Fool
    We Went For A Ride
    Give It Up
    8 X 10
    Don't Let Me Fall

  • Take Me Away/Bye Bye Boyfriend Album (9/9/2003)
    Take Me Away
    Bye Bye Boyfriend

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    Reviews about Fefe Dobson albums

    Deleting Sunday Love Article From Wikipedia. SAVE IT! | Reviewer: Oreo
        ------ About the album Sunday Love performed by Fefe Dobson

    Theres this creep who wants to delete the Sunday Love article. Me and my friend from fefesource are trying to prove him wrong and telling him that the article IS notable. We need some references, links, anything related to sunday love!

    ROCKS | Reviewer: sachi
        ------ About the album Sunday Love performed by Fefe Dobson

    I've heard all the songs on youtube but i'm really mad that i can't find it any where to buy. there must be some place since someone put it on youtube but the question is where?

    Awesome | Reviewer: Tyris hurley
        ------ About the album Sunday Love performed by Fefe Dobson

    her cd is not out but it is so great all the songs i heard so far were just to good to be true her change knocked my socks off the lable didn't like her new image so they forced her to finish the cd then dumped her but she is more real then ever and i think this event is going to make her that much better and if you haven't heard of her yet you seriously need to download some off her stuff.

    From A Fefe Fan to others

    A - MAZE - ING!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Sunday Love performed by Fefe Dobson

    holy cow........i know it is taking fefe a long time to make the cd, but ive heard some of the songs....and they sound amazing....i cant wait for the cd to come out!!!!!!!!

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