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You almost heard about Canadian-born fireball Fefe Dobson a
couple of years ago when she considered signing to her
first record deal north of the border. It’s not that she
wasn’t ready then to enter the pop/rock arena but that she
wanted to reach her full potential before bursting onto the
scene. At the time, she was beginning to write on the
piano, and though the melodic foundations of these pop
songs were solid, something was missing. She knew what it
was. “I just kept thinking, ‘There’s something wrong. I
need more guitar’.”

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Review about Fefe Dobson songs
ghost | Reviewer: tinagantz
    ------ About the song Stuttering performed by Fefe Dobson

not lyrics but hello famous people am 14 years old and i want to be a superstar am a graet singer so if any famous people read see me i do and get good grades so you don't have to worried about my grades

by tinagantz

Fab lyrics | Reviewer: Cassie
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Fool performed by Fefe Dobson

'Kiss me fool if you care, if your words have better meaning...Touch me fool if you’re allowed' contains so much veiled sarcasm that's beautifully expressed in the way Fefe sings the song.

A lot of little jibes at this 'fool', yet then she moves on to the heart-felt 'Do you know what its like to want something so bad?
And than, having to let it go.' The movement between the two moods create a nice good with interesting, thought-provoking lyrics worth listening to on repeat for a few times just to gauge the entire nuance and irony behind the words.

Wow, welcome to my life. | Reviewer: Brittany
    ------ About the song Unforgiven performed by Fefe Dobson

This song definately relates to my relationship with my dad. Its crazy. I love Fefe Dobson and it's nice to know that I'm not the only girl in the world that feels this way towards someone you thought you knew you could trust.

supeeeeeeeeeeeeer | Reviewer: ally
    ------ About the song Don't Go (Girls And Boys) performed by Fefe Dobson

j'ai entendu cette chanson tres recemment et je la trouve geniale!!!!!je suis sure qu'elle ferait une super bande son pour twilight new moon au moment ou bella est sur la moto et qu'elle a des hallucinations concernant edward!!! moi en tout cas j'imagine comme ça la scene.awesome

DUH. | Reviewer: Ana
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Fool performed by Fefe Dobson

The phrase "Who should I be to make you love me" shows she really cares for him. And she's confused. Obvisiously, she wouldn't feel this way if they weren't close. So he likes her. They like each other but don't know how to explain it. HE doesn't want to like her. And SHE just wants to get an answer. So they don't know how to communicate about it. DUH.

AAAWWWWEEEESSSOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: victoria
    ------ About the song Don't Go (Girls And Boys) performed by Fefe Dobson

I so totally ♥ this song and i hope that i can 2 your concert and u could call me sometime if u e-mail me back i could give u mi address and u could to my little sisters b-day party!

♥, your # 1 fan

Too close to home.. | Reviewer: Adriana
    ------ About the song Unforgiven performed by Fefe Dobson

I absolutley love this song. Unfortuently it relates with the relationship bettween me and my dad. He didnt used to be like that. But now he is, and its all because of some.......unfortunate difficulties i've been happening lately.

Anyways, way off topic.

FeFe Dobson is the greatest!!! :D I love her songs, take me away, and unforgiven are my favorite of her songs.

relate | Reviewer: sally
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Fool performed by Fefe Dobson

I love this song; i find it does find the questions you often ask yourself when you like/love a guy and you're not sure if he feels the same way about you.

To 'Lauren,' who believes the phrase "Who should i be to make you love me?" is ridiculous ..By the way it's said, i sense a lot of sarcasm, probably because she's saying it out of frustration and she's only looking at changing herself [as the last resort] to make him love her.

But i agree it's true, if you have to change yourself to get a guy.. he's not worth it in the first place.

Reflcections | Reviewer: casey
    ------ About the song Don't Let It Go To Your Head performed by Fefe Dobson

This song remindes me of this person I nicked named Kona.
It brings back alot of good adn bad memoreis but it remindies me of teh love i have for her .

OMG! | Reviewer: Jayden
    ------ About the song We Went For A Ride performed by Fefe Dobson

this song man i wish it would happen for me and this guy he lives far away (sniff sniff**) buti luv this song i love all her songs :)♥

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