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Few, if any, British female artists stand for as much as
Gabrielle. In musical terms, she's an award winning female
singer-songwriter whose maiden single debuted at number
one: a talent who finds it easy to marry the musical styles
that have influenced her into a separate, distinctly
accessible hybrid. And she's a Black British artist who has
been accepted by the mainstream without losing the fans who
made her first release an underground anthem.

Gabrielle's return with the appropriately titled 'Rise'
follows a difficult time for More...

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Review about Gabrielle songs
Walk on by | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walk on by performed by Gabrielle

Gabrielle has a great voice and some great songs, However this particular song is a knock out song written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach. Sing365 is a wonderful service, but I wish they could attribute all song lyrics and music to the actual writer of the lyrics and composer of the music! Best Wishes.

Blackpool times 2 | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Should I Stay performed by Gabrielle

Rheanna, we may be sad, but we're not alone! I only discovered this song thanks to Blackpool, and I adore that scene. It's amazing... along with the rest of the show. Sarah Parish=lucky woman.
I do actually like the song as well (!) 'tis very meaningful :)

*X* | Reviewer: shanice rae
    ------ About the song Dreams performed by Gabrielle

This Is A Safe Song! Aint Been Able 2 Stop Singing It Since I Heard It On Kt Price And Peter Andre Unleashed. xxx

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Kay
    ------ About the song Dreams performed by Gabrielle

This is me nd mah boyfs song. its propa amazing, the words mean so much nd touch ya!!! i love it nd she has a stuinning voice...x

I wish too... | Reviewer: Tui
    ------ About the song I wish performed by Gabrielle

Ok on this review I have to be one eye because this happen to be my favourite female singer of all time full stop.....and my one wish is to meet her or even better to see her live!!! great song this one it will grow on you..not bad for a UK singer too..

rise | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rise performed by Gabrielle

This song is encouraging, especially to those who have been heart broken! don't worry we'll get over them

Love it | Reviewer: Poppy
    ------ About the song Out Of Reach performed by Gabrielle

I love this song because it has a good meaning about ur life. I also have a good voice so this song really sute my voice:)

<3 | Reviewer: jules
    ------ About the song Rise performed by Gabrielle

i just love that song.
its just my situation at that moment and it helps me to know that i WILL rise again. woa ♥

Blackpool | Reviewer: Rheanna
    ------ About the song Should I Stay performed by Gabrielle

I fell in love with this song because of Blackpool, i'm scarily obsessed with it. I keep imagining David Tennant singing it to me instead of Sarah Parish which is probably quite sad =]
Yeah I'm sad
but oh well

I love this song!!!!! | Reviewer: Mary Ngo
    ------ About the song Survive performed by Gabrielle

this song is the best because the lyrics are easy and the rhythm of the song is nonstop and you can't get it out of your head no matter how hard u try :) Its such a great song for everybody I love it.

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