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An anomaly within the generally misogynist late-'90s Dirty
South rap scene, Gangsta Boo won substantial acclaim among
audiences without sacrificing her pride. As a member of
Memphis, TN, hardcore rap group Three 6 Mafia, she had held
her own; it wasn't until her debut album, though, that she
really started garnering an unprecedented amount of
attention. Under the wings of Three 6 Mafia leaders Juicy
"J" and DJ Paul's production, Enquiring Minds found Gangsta
Boo confronting the lyrical issues that hardcore female
rappers such as Lil' More...

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Lyric Correction - Gangsta Boo's Second Verse | Reviewer: Kayn
    ------ About the song Chop Shop f/ Project Pat performed by Gangsta Boo

Man look I don't really talk on phones they be tapped, you jus make sure you get here and you get back, I'll guide you for a minute since you dont know where he stay, Winschester kings gate first left drive way, man jack him if you have to smack him bring the benz-o straight to me im a be relaxin in my mansion like you got the key, when i get the car im gonna take it to the ? hit me when you finished whats the business are you diggin me?

Gangster Boo | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song I Thought You Knew f/ Crunchy Black performed by Gangsta Boo

I like it Three Six Mafia is one of my favorite groups but it is to bad Gangster Boo left Triple Six

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