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Gardenian was founded in April 1996 by drummer Thim Blom
and Guitarist / vocalist Jim Kjell. Later on Håkan Skoger
(Bass) and Niclas Engelin (Lead guitar) joined that band
and added the last missing pieces. A rehearsal tape was
recorded in July, even though it sounded a bit lousy it was
sent to Listenable records. They replied within a week and
told the guys that they wanted to sign them to Listenable.
Gardenian at this point maybe had four or five songs but
they told the label that they were ready to make a whole
album. Listenable More...

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Reviews about Gardenian songs

Forgett... | Reviewer: Obsidian
    ------ About the song Tell the World I'm Sorry performed by Gardenian

In Flames, Forgett Evergrey, Forgett all gothenburg based artists except At The Gates.
This is classical, this is Epic. This is Gardenian.
True defenders of metal. Living legends, even if theyt split up years ago.
In Flames ARE influenced, Evergrey aswell, D.T., Soliwork and many more are just ripoffs. Gardenian are the orignal. The only, the only REAL musicans. Bugger the rest.
This is history. Gardenian managed to get Eric Hawk (Artch), Sabrina Khilstrand (Ice Age - FEMALE metal from mid 80´s to sing in one or the other way in this tune) Respect.

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