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It was an important day in pop history when Gary Barlow and
the three other members of Take That made the mutual and
risky decision to disband what had become the biggest pop
group of the decade. It was not one which was taken
lightly, but one which the four members felt was the right
one - it was time to move on for all of them. The reasons
for the headline making split were made clear - the huge
umbrella that was Take That meant that the lads had little
time to develop as individuals and with the arrival of
newer and younger boy More...

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Review about Gary Barlow songs
So Emotional if you really listen and think about the words | Reviewer: Honeymojo
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

Just watched Gary Barlow with James Corden and this was the last song he sang. It made me want to smile then cry then smile again. Gary explained that it was written with the death of his daughter in mind but it turned that experience into a helpful way of dealing with such a tragic event. Very cleverly and thoughtfully written, I am sure it could help many people in their grief.

Hugely under-rated | Reviewer: Dominique
    ------ About the song Open Road performed by Gary Barlow

This song, like many Gary Barlow ones of the time between 1997-1999 has been hugely underrated. It's uplifting, profound and lays bare his feelings about the events unfolding around him at that time. I can barely sing along to it without tears. It's such a powerful statement of acceptance and self belief in the face of massive uncertainty and disillusionment. This man has enormous emotional strength and, so rare for a man, has an amazing ability to articulate deep and complex emotions. He communicates brilliantly through music. A truly gifted and prolific songwriter and musician of our time.

Amazeballs | Reviewer: Eva
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

This song even though it has some sad lyrics can just make everyone in the room cheery definitely Gary Barlow's best solo song so far It just makes everyone sing along and smile whenever we hear it

Who is he saying "Let me go" to? | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

Let me go is an incredible good song, sad lyrics but happily performed, the video brings you into a good mood. Says "yes" to life. The only question in my mind is, thinking about, how autobiographical all his songs are : who is this song about?
At first I thought, it's about his daughter, but no...then I thought it is about Rob. Maybe it is, in some lines ("when love turns into hate"),but who is he saying "Let me go" to? To Poppy, to Rob, to his wife?
Anyway, an amazing song and his best and most personal album so far! Well done, Gary!

no words to describe the song | Reviewer: Carol
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

I listen to this song every morning it is a song that I always sing along to its makes me smile because me and my husband are both Gary Barlow fans and we sing this to show our spirit and enthusiasm of life

Freshness | Reviewer: Alica
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

I was feeling sad and was searching for uplifting song on youtube, then this song appeared. I just played it. And now I play it daily. This songs makes my family cheerful.
Awesome song and bright video captured in fresh morning sunlight, which enhances its awesomeness many folds.

Deeply Touching | Reviewer: Deborah Greenwood
    ------ About the song Dying Inside performed by Gary Barlow

Given who the song is about, it touches me so very much, and I'm sure other parents who have been through what he and his wife went through, will empathize, and all I can hope for them is that it is somehow cathartic for them.

Amazing | Reviewer: Lynda
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

It reminds me of my sister who unfortunately passed away recently sucoming to breast cancer. her few finals words were "let me go". so I now play this song every day with thoughts of sadness mixed with happiness knowing my sister is in a better place. Thank You Gary. X X

Let Me Go. | Reviewer: Chloe McDonald
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow is awesome!!!! I've never in my entire life heard a better song. And my Dad loves it to he wants the single for Christmas! But its only a tenner so I'll buy it for him. In a good mood :)

The Best of Gary Barlow? | Reviewer: SuperDude
    ------ About the song Let Me Go performed by Gary Barlow

OK so I've not listened to Gary Barlow that much, but when this song appeared on YouTube, it looked really promising, so I played it. And it was so good that guess how many times I listened to it over the next week? 286 times! TRUE! 286 TIMES! And I had to give it this kind of review. I can safely say this is one of my favorite songs ever.

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