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b. Gary Anthony James Webb, 8 March 1958, Hammersmith,
London, England. Originally appearing under the group name
Tubeway Army, Numan enjoyed enormous success in the UK at
the close of the 70s. His Kraftwerk / David Bowie
-influenced electronic music saw Tubeway Army top the UK
charts in May 1979 with Are Friends Electric?

By September 1979 Numan abandoned the group pseudonym for
the follow-up single Cars which also topped the UK charts
and reached the US Top 10. At his peak, Numan was one of
the bestselling artists in Britain and More...

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Review about Gary Numan songs
Asperger's and being an android | Reviewer: An Aspie
    ------ About the song Metal performed by Gary Numan

I think this is about an android or robot. I also see the link between that and Asperger's. As most of us with ASD feel...alien in this world most of the time. Like a Replicant from "Blade Runner".

Excited | Reviewer: zz11
    ------ About the song I Am Dust performed by Gary Numan

When I saw this I thought NO WAY, 'cause it's only August. I tried not to look so there are no spoilers. I'm very excited about this new album, but I can't make the tour shows ): and if there are any Elbow fans here who recognise this username from lots of Elbow songs, I am also a big Gary Numan fan. Haha, very excited.

possible meaning | Reviewer: Zer0k
    ------ About the song Metal performed by Gary Numan

i always viewed this song as an artificial human talking to its "creator/owner"

he talks about being real, meaning he is not. he talks about pluging him in, sounds like a robot to me, he talks about how his insides are metal and doesn't understand how the others are not the same. Finally the fact that he says "all i know is no one dies" seems to point that this has to be a robot.

if you look at it it looks like it is a robots cry to be human, and it's worry that it will not be able to live up to it's own expectations

but thats just my opinion

music and moods | Reviewer: ged foley
    ------ About the song A Prayer For The Unborn performed by Gary Numan

I agree it hits home and gets different folk at every stroke
whenever just broke up, in prison,suffered a close death to yourself ,in a deep mood ,working in stressful environment or just on your own and pissed

Great song ;-) | Reviewer: MrBungle
    ------ About the song Cars performed by Gary Numan

And you know what ? Fear Factory's cover with Numan singing vocals with Bell is really damn good. The downtuned guitar gives it a real edge the original doesn't have. If you haven't heard it, do. Either thru good headphones or a sound system with a good subwoofer.

Tank | Reviewer: Flo
    ------ About the song Cars performed by Gary Numan

This song is not about being afraid to get out of his car it's about the way he -Gary Numan- looked at the car being somewhat of a tank in which he feels safe. Maybe there's some paranoia in these lyrics as well but I read about this somewhere.
Best version:

Im lost | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Metal performed by Gary Numan

I really like finding meanings in music the song meaning and this is really hard to dipict I can't quite get it but u ca tell that the listener is what he is talking about he always states do you and like you but the overall lyrics are really out there

what??? | Reviewer: rlynnd32
    ------ About the song Cars performed by Gary Numan

I am a big 80's fan...i love the 80's! but i just realized that i had no idea what they were talking about. i'm watching vh1 80's countdown and i am trying to decifer some of the lyrics. i got to this 1 and was completely confused! this used to be my song, but now i think its a little crazy. i mean is dude talking about being afraid of getting out of his car? lol! man, u have got to love the 80's...they made songs up about some of the stupidest things!!! but they are absolute classics!!! too bad we can't go back to that time... when things were so much easier.

good choon | Reviewer: benny
    ------ About the song Metal performed by Gary Numan

trent did a few covers, the adam and track "physical", the "supernaut" track by sabbath and ofcourse the gary numan cover. but this review isnt about NiN. gary does some good synth work, alot of people like covering it, down in the park for instance. i like doin covers of numans work with my copy of Reason, always fun to try it in a different format of genre, much like how richard cheese does some covers of alt/nu-metal/rock songs in his jazzy lounge-pianist manner. bottom line is the numan track is good, the covers make it better

A child with The Ghost Review | Reviewer: Alana Holmes
    ------ About the song A Child With The Ghost performed by Gary Numan

Undoubtably the best Numan song that was ever written. It has always been my favourite, and what makes it more special and touching is that Numan, wrote it as a

tribute to his friend and bass player Paul Gardiner, who tragically passed away in 1984 of a drug over dose. Thank you Gary Numan. RIP Paul Gardiner, see you in the reserrection.

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