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Upon his arrival in New York in 1998, Gavin DeGraw was
anointed by Time Out magazine as of one the city’s
best-kept musical secrets. Today, DeGraw is no longer a
mystery to the masses, as Chariot, his J Records debut
album, reveals to the world a compelling young musician
whose wholesome disposition and honest lyrics equate with

At 25, DeGraw exudes a charismatic presence, performing at
such venues as New York’s Irving Plaza, Joe’s Pub and
Wilson’s. Accompanying himself on piano and guitar, DeGraw
sings soulfully about More...

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Review about Gavin DeGraw songs
Ilongga | Reviewer: Libby
    ------ About the song Follow Through performed by Gavin DeGraw

This song is so awesome! The lyrics is just right for "us":)
These reeling emotions they just keep me alive
They keep me in tune...And I, all I really want is you
you to stick around...

    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna Be performed by Gavin DeGraw


The phrasing and rhythm of Belief | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Belief performed by Gavin DeGraw

While I agree in many different ways with the many ways you guys understand this song, I would like to add that what also captured me in this music is the phrasing and the rhythm, the melody. It evokes so many emotions in me making the lyrics even more moving than they already are.

I just stumbled on Gavin some 1 year back in iTunes. I have been a fan since. The first album I got of him was "Sweeter". Any other suggestions? :)

Why and what makes me love this song | Reviewer: Olivia Stephen
    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna Be performed by Gavin DeGraw

I love this song because he has an amazing voice an d the lyrics are brillant. I love one tree hill and thats what made me love this song. It sounds like a rock song and i love that. I love you gavin degraw and one tree hill!!! xxxx

amazing♥ | Reviewer: E♥m♥i♥l♥y
    ------ About the song More Than Anyone performed by Gavin DeGraw

I'm seventeen years old, and i'm already planning to use this song for my wedding! even if i get married ten years from now... wow. Gavin, you did it again. Amazing, thanks for introducing me to this song One Tree Hill! Naley forever

Apposing other review | Reviewer: Eddie H
    ------ About the song Just Friends performed by Gavin DeGraw

They are in a relationship. He sees his girl having a great time, that it looks like shes in love, and she shows so much affection forward this other man. with this other person. He explains he is jealous. She says. " He is just a friend,". He trusted her and allowed her to be friends with him. Later, he sees that the other guy is touching her with passion. Now He knows that this relationship his gf is having a more than friends relationship with this other person "Now I know better from his fingers in your hair." Now He has to says its not my style to put our relationship on the line, "It's not my style to lay it in on the line But you don't leave me with a choice this time." Their relationship is over, unless she tell the person ,who she is having an affair with, " I (the narrator) am the one( she loves)"

Very touching song | Reviewer: Rosa
    ------ About the song More Than Anyone performed by Gavin DeGraw

What Hannah Bagguley says, could be written by me. I totally agree with her words.

This song actually doesn't make me "happy" in a way as in cheerful. It's so pure and expresses so much emotion, that I could listen to it, in tranquility, for ages. It's indeed mind-blowing how much soul there is in this song.
I cried about it, but the reason is very blissful. :) I think I don't need any words to point that out. Just read the lyrics... It's completely recognisable to me.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Mishy
    ------ About the song Chariot performed by Gavin DeGraw

The song for me speaks of a spirit crying out for strength to overcome worldliness and vanity in this world that is full of lies and deceit.

I agree with "shelbystaygold".

In the bible you'll find,

"...It happened, as they still went on, and talked, that behold, a chariot of fire and
horses of fire separated them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven (2 Kings 2:11)..."

Oh chariot, your golden waves
Are walking down upon this face
Oh chariot, I'm singing out loud
To guide me
Give me your

Watch Gavin's Music Video for this one.

comfortable in my own skin | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song I Don't Wanna Be performed by Gavin DeGraw

I really appreciate the message that this songs gives us. It's really tiring to live your life always thinking if people might not accept you and might say something bad about you. I've gone through those days too and still from time those thoughts drive me crazy. I have just realized that you become truelly happy when you are living your life having self confidence and being proud of your family and where you came from.

Real Thing | Reviewer: denise
    ------ About the song More Than Anyone performed by Gavin DeGraw

I think the song takes u to that place where you think everything is going to be ok.
and that when you really look inside someone's soul you can be surprised...
sometimes the first impression is not the good one.
and love is more than you imagine...
don't take it for granted

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