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Generation X popped up in London in 1979, with punksters
Billy Idol and Tony James at its helm. Idol and James (who
would later form Sigue Sigue Sputnik) were often criticized
for embracing commercial music. Whatever the verdict,
Generation X certainly pumped out smooth and pop-based
sounds, especially when compared to the rebellious style of
the era's punk-driven masses.

Most fans cite Gen X's first album as the best, and point
to the U.S. version as the best mix of songs. The band's
third and last album, Kiss Me Deadly owed much to More...

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Reviews about Generation X songs

ahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kiss Me Deadly performed by Generation X

okay, so this song is amazing

the first time i heard it was when i first watched SLC Punk!
(best movie ever!)
and they're having the flash back type thing to when they were kids
the song is so rad

it reminds me of my boyfriend, cuz he's always listening toitt

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