Genitorturers Lyrics

This is the story of the Phenomenon known as the
GENITORTURERS whose audio-visual exploits have earned them
the title as “the WORLDS SEXIEST ROCK BAND”! as well as
vast notoriety with music fans and thrill seekers from all
walks of life! Led by the hauntingly gorgeous vocalist
extraordinaire GEN, the band (guitarist Chains, bassist
Evil D and drummer Angel) serves up one of the most
rivoting live performances to be experienced! The
GENITORTURERS have truly earned the respect of fans and
press worldwide due in no small part to their More...

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Review about Genitorturers songs
great | Reviewer: Merv
    ------ About the song Lecher Bitch performed by Genitorturers

Ah, VTMB...Been almost 10 years but still stays with me. Manson used to tag along with the Genitorturers so obviously was influenced by them a lot. There's your reason for the "manson sound" Love this song, can't help but sing along with it, just so catchy. Used to go into the Last Round to just hear this one play. Personally I think it's a better tune for Setites than your run of the mill angry Anarchs, but that's just me.

hell yeah! | Reviewer: Rebella
    ------ About the song Lecher Bitch performed by Genitorturers

This song kicks ass! btw love Vamp M Bloodlines. best rpg ever, so sad that troika s down

Vampire | Reviewer: Nabuchadnezar
    ------ About the song Lecher Bitch performed by Genitorturers

Sure. I has played Bloodlines and this track captivate me. So im here now and listening...

Last Round | Reviewer: Jakari
    ------ About the song Lecher Bitch performed by Genitorturers

Recognisable to anyone who has played Vampire: Masquerade - Bloodlines, this track is the one played in the Anarch HQ, The Last Round, as the background music.
A cool track to sit back to- slightly reminiscent perhaps of M. Manson?
Maybe thats just me, but yeah, good beat, good sound, recommended.

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