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As lead guitarist for the Beatles, George Harrison provided
the band with a lyrical style of playing in which every
note mattered.Harrison was one of millions of young Britons
inspired to take up the guitar by British skiffle king
Lonnie Donegan's recording of "Rock Island Line." But he
had more dedication than most, and with the encouragement
of a slightly older school friend — Paul McCartney — he
advanced quickly in his technique and command of the
instrument. Harrison developed his style and technique
slowly and painstakingly over More...

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Review about George Harrison songs
inspiring and beautiful | Reviewer: bigtime GH fan
    ------ About the song Hear Me Lord performed by George Harrison

GH is a treasure. If we all had a little more GH in us, what a better place our world would be! The version on 'Alternates and Rarities' is truly awe inspiring. Thank you George Harrison!

Far away | Reviewer: Unknown Genius
    ------ About the song Simply Shady performed by George Harrison

Every artist finds themselves at some point spiralling out of control. George Harrison's darkest album.
This song enchanted me from the very first listen as a fan of his, even though he is experimenting with lots of different styles here, and suffering from laringitus.

Rising Sun | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song Rising Sun performed by George Harrison

Brilliant, not only for it's lyrics that tell the story of the cycle of life but, musically, it is "Beatle-esque" in its use of stringed instruments played as if it belonged on the Sgt. Pepper album et al. During the lifetime of the Beatles, George's songs were rarely backed by orchestral "sounds," and if you listen carefully you will hear the arrangement take you back to a time you surely remember.

As good as God | Reviewer: Elmar God
    ------ About the song All Those Years Ago performed by George Harrison

Those who think they are as good as god, are as god as dog. This is the god/dog cross. This is nothing against dogs; they are as good as they can be. But, according to my knowlege, they never think, they are God. Think about it.

Isn't it a pity | Reviewer: Erik
    ------ About the song I Don't Care Anymore performed by George Harrison

Now isn't it a pity, isn't it a shame that this pretty little song have never been included on any Harrison's albums and his compilations? Can find it only on the collection of Apple singles which have never been officially released in my country, Russia. Of course, I understand it's far from what we can call George's masterpiece, but it's still a great offer. If I'm not mistaken, this song's about his secret affair with Ringo's wife.

An Inspired Life! | Reviewer: Destiny's Angel
    ------ About the song My Sweet Lord performed by George Harrison

There is little neutral thought and perception in us, so we either live right in the here and now in Heaven or in the state of Hell. They are not pieces of real estate. John & friends truly lived inspired lives and passed that exalted energy for us to also be lifted up. This song transcends our prejudice for those that can "hear". It's okay if you are a Christian Fundamentalist, it may just take you more time to reach the place this song can take you too. Putting you down though serves no purpose. We urge you to keep listening and if you need to keep ranting and raving about the evils, that is okay. In fact the more you are outraged simply is your own spirit in unrest seeking to break free, this is a good thing. We all reach the same place in the end. Keep dancing too,be happy, though do not loose site of your own destiny, as it is not yet to soar with angels, but to learn how to be a human being - being human "is" the state that God presently has created for us. Embrace it, be it, live it fully. If I go deep enough in me and deep enough in you , there is only one of us here - this is the meaning of "My Sweet Lord"! Listen to it again...Namaste

A reminder to love eachother and a glimpse into the heart of George Harrison | Reviewer: Shirley Jo Long
    ------ About the song Isn't It A Pity performed by George Harrison

I had heard this song many times and loved it. It was when I watched "The Concert for George" that I became overwhelmed with emotion. Billy preston made it feel like were in Church. But not the conventional kind. I think this song should be in everyone's music libray. If for no other reason to remind us that we often "do forget" how to treat one another. I miss you George.

George Greif was a well known manage of various acts from Barry White to New Christy Minstrels | Reviewer: Richard S
    ------ About the song Crackerbox Palace performed by George Harrison

He apparently met George Harrison and Harrison remarked that he looked like Lord RW Buckley, and Greif explained he called ir Crackerbox Palace, read up on Lord Buckley particular the YouTube Grocho Marx appearance and you will understand the popularity of Buckley by mant musicians. Buckley was the oracle to beat artists.

love for John | Reviewer: starbar58
    ------ About the song All Those Years Ago performed by George Harrison

we need more love and peace , John always chose his words carefully (except once in the sixties!)but made his point forcefully, George me feel part of something bigger, miss them both, RIP John and George.

True poetry | Reviewer: Ernest
    ------ About the song So Sad performed by George Harrison

So Sad is one of George's deepest songs. Lots of beautiful and stunning words, this song is not as dirty as the previous one on Dark Horse album - Simply Shady, but it's truly depressive. And we must note that George doesn't have many depressive songs. So it's his little diamond as you can see.

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