Gotye Albums

  • Making Mirrors Album (8/19/2011)
    Making Mirrors
    Easy Way Out
    Somebody That I Used To Know
    Eyes Wide Open
    Smoke And Mirrors
    I Feel Better
    In Your Light
    State Of The Art
    Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You
    Giving Me A Chance
    Save Me
    Dig Your Own Hole

  • Like Drawing Blood Album (5/22/2006)
    Like Drawing Blood
    The Only Way
    Hearts A Mess
    Coming Back
    Thanks For Your Time
    Puzzle With A Piece Missing
    A Distinctive Sound
    Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver
    Night Drive
    Worn Out Blues

  • Boardface Album (1/1/2004)
    Out Here In The Cold
    True To You
    The Only Thing I Know
    Wonder Why You Want Her
    What Do You Want?
    Out Of My Mind
    Here In This Place
    Waiting For You
    Loath To Refuse
    Noir Excursion

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