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It’s said that art mirrors life. In hip-hop’s case, there’s
always been a deliberate entanglement of perception and
reality. Fans demand their MCs be real…but never too real.
Successful hip-hop is about the hint of the danger, the
tease of it, the mystique. Hip-hop is about balance.

Gucci Mane is an artist striving for that balance,
volatility versus musicality. Controversy, including a feud
with former collaborator Young Jeezy, has grabbed the
headlines, with insufficient regard paid to his
considerable mic skills, raw talent, and More...

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Review about Gucci Mane songs
Absolutely Terrible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pablo performed by Gucci Mane

Not only did you mess up, you messed up historically.Some of the lyrics are so easy I don't see how you could screw them up.E-40s verse stats of"Extendo, cinnamon rolls, Pillsbury big biscuits. Not Damn dounce seeming arrows lol BTW The song is by E-40 featuring Gucci Maine and Trinidad James not gucci Maine featuring E-40.

Gucci mane too many - a few corrections | Reviewer: Mikey
    ------ About the song Too Many performed by Gucci Mane

I spend my money like I want, bitch that mob deal should be :

I spend my money like I want, bitch that's my business**

Your royal blunt’s too skinny but that’s yo business should be :

You roll ya *blunt’s too skinny but that’s yo business

Gucci Mane swag fuckin nervous, bitch she curious should be :

Gucci Mane swag fuck a nerd if she curious**

Mistakes | Reviewer: Eddie Hawkins
    ------ About the song When I Was Water Wippin performed by Gucci Mane

in verse 4 you have that gucci says,I’m bout myself man and yes I rap my bread back up
Ya have better luck trying to rob a bridge bank truck

this is incorrect as bridge bank trucks do not exist. he says BRINKS bank truck, as in the armored vehicle. Brinks bank armored trucks!

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Greasy performed by Gucci Mane

I got more green than ac get it like ac green the basketball player you guys put drop more grain that ac the second or 3rd verse fix that shit niga and there more errors but I got money to make with gucci peace

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