H2O Lyrics

H2O is:
Toby Morse - Vocals
Todd Morse - Guitar
Rusty Pistachio - Guitar
Adam Blake - Bass
Todd Friend - Drums

If you claim to be well versed in punk history, you would
certainly know that H2O are one of New York's premiere
melodic hardcore punk acts. For more than half a decade
now, the NYC quintet have been blasting their specific
blend of hardcore energy and pop-friendly melody all around
the globe to fans of all kinds of music. H2O have found
favor with everybody from the hardcore elite to the
mainstream enthusiast. One main More...

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Submit H2O New Lyrics

Reviews about H2O songs

ksa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Guilty By Association performed by H2O

Review about of The Wand And The Moon
lol | Reviewer: Anonymous
------ About the song She With Whom Compar'd The Alpes Are Vallies performed by of The Wand And The Moon

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punklives4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What Happened? performed by H2O

i think the song is basically perfect. something changed in our music today, and it wasn't anything good. we need more bands like H20, street dogs, pennywise, streetlight manifesto, rancid, transplants, dropkick murphys, and bad religion. the music today is just main stream bullshit. screw all this fall out boy bs and my chemical romance and green day's new crap. i hope punk rock stays alive forever and it's people like Mike McColgan and these guys why it has a chance to.."now the biggest part is all about the image and not the art" amen..screw image its all about the feel, passion, art.

I give it 5 stars! | Reviewer: Samantha
    ------ About the song What Happened? performed by H2O

I think this song is pretty deep and thought through very well. The passion in music and the industry has change so much... I really don't know where to begin. People have to learn how to express themselves differently. There is not enough god given talent in this world any more and no body has the time to listen to these people anymore.

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