Haircut 100 Lyrics

Formed in Beckenham, Kent, England in 1980, the group began
on a part-time basis with a line-up comprising Heyward,
Nick (b. 20 May 1961, Beckenham, Kent, England; vocals),
Les Nemes (b. 5 December 1960, Croydon, Surrey, England;
bass) and Graham Jones (b. 8 July 1961, Bridlington, North
Yorkshire; guitar). Early the following year they were
augmented by Memphis Blair Cunningham (b. 11 October 1957,
Harlem, New York, USA; drums) , Phil Smith (b. 1 May 1959,
Redbridge, Ilford, Essex; saxophone), and Mark Fox (b. 13
February 1958; More...

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