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Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, her sunny personality soon changed
her name to Miley at home. Her father, country star and
actor Billy Ray Cyrus, nicknamed her "Miley" because she is
"always full of smiles". Now every Disney Channel lover
knows her as Miley Cyrus, the star of Disney's newest
original show: Hannah Montana, where Miley plays a regular
girl called Miley Stewart who has a secret double life as
the biggest singing superstar of tv.

It took a lot to this 13-year-old to earn the role of
Disney's new tv queen. "All this hard work More...

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Review about Hannah Montana songs
Hannah Montana | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Party in the USA performed by Hannah Montana

Hi Hannah I m a big fan of yours.you sing very well.I like your songs and also I listen them.don't walk away,love that lets go are my favorite.you are really a rockstar.

You look great | Reviewer: Ntan, Blessing Emmanuel
    ------ About the song If We Were A Movie performed by Hannah Montana

You know what, when i first saw your picture in ma school bag i told ma dad i wanna watch dis movie, he told me is okay that he's gonna get it for me. And when i watch it i say to ma self oh ma Gush! you are so wonderful; everything about you is just so so great. I love you carry on> but for the new movie hmm! you have grown so big and fat.

Dear Hannah Montana | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song True Friend performed by Hannah Montana

I think your amazing, and all of your songs are fabulous. Even though you've gone your own ways with the hair and all I still think your an insperation to everyone, not because of your fictional charector of hannah montana but because you are brave. You are brave enough to tell the whole world who you really are.You are brave enough to face the reality and tell us what you feel. And you take that risk even if it means that no one will respect it. You tell us who you are and don't care what we think. I think that would require alot of courage. I bet more then half the celebrities around could do that. They just stick to the rep there manegers tell them to do. I think we are all stupid for not respecting who you really are even though you are not as we expected. Just know that you will always have a fan out there!

The Party Song | Reviewer: Nyla
    ------ About the song Party in the USA performed by Hannah Montana

i luv u Hannah Montana like any thing in the world i prefer u my idol in Hollywood song u wont believe that when i sang ur song party in the usa then every one told that i m ur biggest fan and and its my dream to meet u once and snap a pic so that i would always remember that i meet someone who changed my life totally nd i m thankful 2 that person means my idol HANNAH MONTANA

awesome | Reviewer: grase
    ------ About the song Party in the USA performed by Hannah Montana

you guy are just jealous of her because she is a big rock star and your not and she cool but you guy don't know her because all your comments are about you asshole and Miley Cyrus is awesome listen to the climb it awesome and butterfly fly away but that but her dad and her

Sammy | Reviewer: Jessine delancy
    ------ About the song The Good Life performed by Hannah Montana

Hey i like ur voice and i sing jst like u I LOVE U MILEY :* everyone appreciate me by calling me miley and one of my favourite song is ( You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home ) jst keep singing and in the year 2013 i want 10 new brand songs ok . Luv u ummmmmmmmahhhhhhhh.

Biggest fan | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If We Were A Movie performed by Hannah Montana

Hey Hannah I love u soooo much and I'm from your biggest fans but actually I'm a Lebanese girl but my biggest dram is to meet u in real.( my name is Lara Merei ) <3 love u for ever muah <33 :)))

be my bff plz | Reviewer: nevaeh lea locklear
    ------ About the song Party in the USA performed by Hannah Montana

looking like me why are you doing this your so ugly and i cant stand you any more i mean lets be bff for are holl life plz be my bff becouse im so sorry what iv did plz be my bff i love you so much plz be my bff and im soory i called you ugly just be mybff plz

Ok retards | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Not This Girl performed by Hannah Montana

Alright retards you do know that Miley can't see what you wrote due to the fact that she doesn't go on this page right? Actually, I'd never heard of it, I just couldn't go on Metro Lyrics because they didn't have this song on Hannah's page. So, yeah, you retards, think before you speak and/or type!!

Look at me! I'm only 12 years old!! | Reviewer: Bobby
    ------ About the song If We Were A Movie performed by Hannah Montana

Ohhh! Miley! My pee pee so hard for you! You sing suk but you boobie gret! I know for a fact that you read every single one of these comments because I am a retarded fan so call me or email me or sumthin so we can hook up and I can hook you with my pee pee or sumthin.

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