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Hanson don’t follow trends. They make them.

Back in 1994-95, Hanson released their first independent
record. At that same time software companies began to
pioneer sound on the Internet. In ‘97 The three brothers,
came out of the Middle of Nowhere to storm the pop music
world with the eight-million worldwide-selling CD of the
same name, lead by an international smash single “MmmBop”.
Following that release the band’s online site developed
into one of the largest sites in music history at a time
when the net’s potential was in its More...

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Review about Hanson songs
Loving these lyrics | Reviewer: Laina
    ------ About the song You Can't Stop Us Now performed by Hanson

I'm so glad Hanson done this song. This runs so deep..it shows through all the obstacles and people telling you that you're not good enough or you can't follow your dreams, they're only wasting their breath so this song tells them where to go lol.. It's been proven no one will stand in the way of Hanson and I am so thankful for that!!! Congrats to Hanson on 3CG Records and all of their accomplishments and achievements. Looking forward to many more years with you!!!!!

The Chorus at the End Changes | Reviewer: Sheilah
    ------ About the song Christmas Time performed by Hanson

Thank you Sonia - Taylor definitely does not say "sitting under the Christmas tree" the last time the chorus is sung. It's sounds like "me and you and you loved me" - which I really think is nicer than "sitting under the Christmas tree". :)

Childhood jam | Reviewer: Chloe
    ------ About the song MMMBop performed by Hanson

I was born the year after this song was released so obviously wasn't around when it dominated the radio stations but this song was my ultimate jam when I was about three and you could say at that very young age, Hanson were my first 'boyband phase' I was absolutely obsessed with them (closely followed by *nsync of course) but I still listen to their music to this day:)

Had it since 2002 | Reviewer: unimportant
    ------ About the song Best Days Of My Life performed by Hanson

I personally have had this song since it was made circa 2002. It is a song by Scott Grimes and JT. Not sure exactly on the writing credits...but the performance of this song was as a duo. The copy I have was released to me by one of the above mentioned people after it was made. I am surprised it took so long to get released/around. Great song.

COOL | Reviewer: kiestin
    ------ About the song Crazy Beautiful performed by Hanson

Hanson is the best band ever!!!!! wonderful lyrics... They Rock when they perform in concert. I'm so fortunate to meet them before the concert @ Manila Philippines....love listening to their songs.. love ITZ...

Totally 90s | Reviewer: 90smusicandbeyond.com
    ------ About the song MMMBop performed by Hanson

This song totally represents the cheery sound of music that dominated the late 90s. Thumbs up for this song. Also, looking at the lyrics for the first time, the song now takes on a deeper meaning than when I listened to it as a kid.

PEACE, LOVE & HANSON!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song MMMBop performed by Hanson

You go boys...I Love your music and have loved watching you guys mature.
You are all three so talented and I highly respect your will to succeed!
Island Def Jam was so lost in the beginning. Jeff wouldn't know a hit if it slapped him in the face!
If you have not watched the Hanson Documentary "Strong Enough To Break", you should watch all 12 pod-casts!
These boys went through hell and kept on going!


Boy this takes me back to a much simplier place in time | Reviewer: Danny
    ------ About the song MMMBop performed by Hanson

I remember when this song came out back in 1997...at that time thought it was the lamest track on planet earth mainly because it was soo played out on the radio and the fact that the kids looks like a bunch of girls. Now that I'm older I realized that they weren't so bad afterall...but back then it was either a love or hate relationship with this song. The fact of the matter is this these boys wrote this song back in 1995 when they had barely hit puberty. I don't see too many young musician these days writing their own song. I've tried listening to Hanson's other songs but they are a little to sot for my taste. But I can honestly tell you that whenever I need to put myself in a good mood and I happen to be driving alone in my car I will play "MMMbop" or "Where's the Love".

I remember back in 1997 I was going to the supermarket at the corner of Devonshire St and Mason Ave. in Chatsworth I noticed a production crew that were doing some filming. One of the film crew members said that they were doing video shoot for Hanson. It turns out that they were filming for MMBop's music video....you know that part where they were rollerskating in the shopping plaza....that's what i'm talking about I also saw a bunch of other scenes in the MMBop video that was filmed at my old neighborhood (Chatsworth, CA)...but the one scene that stood out the most was the part when they were sitting at the bus stop...it was right across the street from my old elementary school (Chatsworth Park Elementary) at the corner of Devonshire St. and Topanga Cyn Blvd.

This song now has a special place in my heart mainly because it reminds me of my childhood days growing up in Chastsworth.

Hanson V. Justin Bieber | Reviewer: K
    ------ About the song MMMBop performed by Hanson

I personally think both Hanson and Justin Bieber are talented. And for anyone to say, that Justin Bieber doesn't "still" have musical talent is ridiculous because he hasn't had a chance to grow up. I'm positive that Justin will still have the same musical talent later, that he has now. Very talented!

So erie... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Yearbook performed by Hanson

I first heard this song about a year ago and even knowing what Hanson said the inspiration was for the song was I can't help but feel there's something MUCH DEEPER here. It's something about the tonal aspect of their voices and "More than sad, it makes me mad to know that somebody knows..." It's almost as though Johnny was either murdered, ran away or was kidnapped and maybe murdered or just never found. So many tragic possibilities. If anyone has been in the position of knowing someone like Johnny, I hope and pray you find the truth of what happened.
I may have left my teen years way behind me but still this song is so erie, sad and thought provoking. It almost brings me to tears thinking about it.

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