Harem Scarem Lyrics

Harem Scarem

Harold Hess (lead vocals)
Pete Lesperance (guitars, vocals)
Mike Gionet (bass, vocals)
Darren Smith (drums, vocals)
Barry Donaghy (bass, vocals; replaced Gionet 1995)
Creighton Doane (drums, vocals; replaced Smith 2000)

sure you're wondering where the name Harem Scarem came
from. It's really not that big a mystery - everyone always
assumes that there is a big story behind the naming of a
band (especially when the name is as unique as Harem
Scarem!) However, the real story is simply that Harem
Scarem is the name of More...

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Reviews about Harem Scarem songs

The meaning | Reviewer: courtney
    ------ About the song Weight of the World performed by Harem Scarem

I had to write a peom in English and she wanted use to compair the peom to lyrics and well I chose weight of the world. It had meaning to it... I thought that it mint that The world, to show what the people have to deal with & how they are affecting the people in the world.. How messed up everything and people are getting! Everytime I hear this song I cry because Aaron know what he is talking about & it's crazy how the world is getting.. God help us all!

paparapapa love ko 'to... | Reviewer: lianne
    ------ About the song Something To Say performed by Harem Scarem

i like this song..wala lang..
bigla ko na lng siya naisip...

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