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"Life Turned Her That Way"..."Above And Beyond"... "I've
Got a Tiger By The Tail"... "Don't Tell Me What To
Do"..."Somebody Should Leave"..."Somewhere Tonight"..."Too
Many Rivers"... "Why Not Me"..."Busted" "Blame It on Your

Most people know Harlan Howard by the songs he's penned
- more than 4,000 of them. In a career spanning more than
six decades, the "Dean of Nashville Songwriters" has imbued
himself as one of the greatest - and most prolific – living
songwriters. One critic daringly dubbed him the "Irving
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Missing lines | Reviewer: Ken Klosterhaus
    ------ About the song Everglades performed by Harlan Howard

My older brother has/had this record and I listened a lot in my yout'. I just recall several lines a little differently, but I cain't prove it. I.e.,
I believe "Possy" is "posse", a group of deputized people acting under the direction of local law enforcement; therefore, `they' or 'it' came out, not 'he'.
Gramatically, even with the rhetorical coloration, would be 'eye for an eye', not 'a eye'.
I recall a more folksy "a'movin' and a'runnin'" with the letter 'a' added, and defence, in America, is spelled with an 's', the 'c' is the British spelling. And I don't remember repetition of the "jury had ruled..." line.
However, I recall a fade out with lines such as;
"runnin' like a dog through the Everglades...
skippin' through the bog like a slimey frog...
and then fade out......

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