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A signer/guitarist/songwriter whose original compositions
incorporated musical elements stretching from folk to jazz
to rock, Harry Chapin not only was a troubadour of modern
times but also a social reformer. Besides entertaining
audiences all across the United States, he often persuaded
them to contribute to humanistic causes ranging from world
hunger (he founded an anti-hunger group called "Long Island
Cares") to support for the performing arts. Describing his
code to one interviewer, he said: "Our lives are to be used
and thus to More...

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Review about Harry Chapin songs
Beautiful song | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song A Better Place To Be performed by Harry Chapin

I don't remember Harry Chapin (I was born in '80) but I sure love his music. I recently got a turn table and was so excited when I found 6 of his albums at a local store. The world lost a great man when he died. It makes me so sad that he left this world so young. He had so much talent. I'll never understand why he never got famous.

Absolutely Perfect | Reviewer: E Guy
    ------ About the song There Only Was One Choice performed by Harry Chapin

This is probably too difficult for most to understand. But worth the life treasure they have for anyone who can focus long enough to unravel its simple complexity.

Harry Chapin, his legacy lives on | Reviewer: Sharon
    ------ About the song Mr. Tanner performed by Harry Chapin

As stated by so many others here, Harry Chapin was a genius at giving us a glimpse into the soul of ordinary people in a most extrodinary way. Oh how I miss his music. I too had the pleasure of meeting him, getting his autograph and a kiss on the cheek. I cherish that memory, but the greatest gift Harry gave us all was himself expressed through his incredible music...fortunately for the world, music was not only Harry's life, it was his livelihood..."and he sang from his heart and he sang from his soul and he did not know how well he sang" his music made us whole. <3

This is my story | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Mr. Tanner performed by Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin was not a singer, he was a story teller, who told his stories through song.

I have been taking singing lessons recently. I love to sing, but quite honestly, I am not sure I am very good. I have come to the conclusion that music is my life, and not my livelihood. It makes me feel so happy, it makes me feel so good.I sing from my heart, I sing from my soul. I don't know how well I sing, it just makes me whole.

Holdin Taxi Close | Reviewer: Terrence
    ------ About the song Sequel performed by Harry Chapin

I was also flying high, in a college way, when I joined the Air Force, my dirty little secret, when I too found the sky as an Air Force pilot. A song that I will always hold close, thanks to Harry.

A wonderful song, from a wonderful man | Reviewer: Mark
    ------ About the song Taxi performed by Harry Chapin

Nobody told a story like Harry, and I never saw an artist more committed to his fans. I was lucky enough to attend two of his concerts, and after each he stayed and signed autographs and talked to his fans until the last person was gone. He was also very devoted to World Hunger Year.

Singing it to my daughter | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Mr. Tanner performed by Harry Chapin

When I was in high school, my best friend and I knew every lyric to every song Harry Chapin had written, and this was one of my favorites. We would sing it together, with one of us taking the Big John Wallace part. I was on a family vacation in the Los Angeles airport the summer I was in 17 when my dad appeared with a newspaper in hand and shared the news that Harry had died.

Now I have three kids, and my youngest is a fourteen year old girl who still lets me sing to her every night. Right now we are alternating between James Taylor's Sweet Baby James, Cats in the Cradle, and Mr. Tanner. There's something in the raw, honest storytelling that touches her and offers us a little common ground. I'm working on relearning the lyrics to "A Better Place to Be" to share with her next.

Forty Years Removed | Reviewer: Motelrob
    ------ About the song Taxi performed by Harry Chapin

Having followed the music genre since the mid 60's, I feel "Taxi" is one of the best songs ever written. It's sorrowful passion and to this day, it's unique arrangement always grips me. Chapin, Dan Fogelberg and Bruce Cockburn stand apart to me as artists since the Beatles split, who really created music as a form of art.

Harry Chapin in Fairbanks, Alaska | Reviewer: Rich K
    ------ About the song Taxi performed by Harry Chapin

I was also at the concert Harry gave in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1978. He also had his brother on stage as well as his 5 year old son. I think the whole family was there because they were in AK for a fishing trip. Even though it was winter in Fairbanks, fishing still happened further south.
Like many others, I felt that Harry was a long-time friend and I remember standing right next to him after the concert while he chatted with my friends. Who else did that?

Poker game stopper | Reviewer: Pete Bower
    ------ About the song Taxi performed by Harry Chapin

This song reminds me of when I was younger (back in the 70's) and we played poker all night and many times into the next day. When this song came on the radio (and It seemed that it came on every time we played) the game would just stop and we would all sing along. Not sure how or when or why it started but it was a song that all us young guys could relate to and we just loved it.
I heard it the other day and wanted to bone up on some of the words. Getting goose flesh just writing this. One of the BEST songs ever in my mind. I will never own this in CD or other because hearing it out of the blue to me makes it so................special.

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