Haste The Day Lyrics

Jimmy Ryan (vocals)
Brennan Chaulk (guitar)
Jason Barnes (guitar)
Mike Murphy (bass)
Devin Chaulk (drums)
FORMED: 2001
FROM: Indianapolis, IN

If you've driven through the mid-west, you’ve undoubtedly
circled Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. Known for
nearly 100 years for its fast cars, Indianapolis is the
central hub for travelers taking the interstate from one
coast to the other. Unlike its neighbors, Detroit and
Chicago, the city has remained a quiet budding ground for
new musical talent. Artists always came through but it’s More...

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Review about Haste The Day songs
Good Remake | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Long Way Down performed by Haste The Day

Unsure how Goo Goo Dolls feel about it, but in my opinion, I think Haste the Day did a great version of this song in their style. Their "screams" of their style add some flavor to this Goo Goo Dolls' hit.

spell caster that help my marriage | Reviewer: Fabiana
    ------ About the song American Love performed by Haste The Day

Hello every one I want to fulfill the promise I made with Dr Omo, that if he help me bring back my ex I will always share his testimony through out that month, is now December again and I will never forget this month Dr really bring back my love and make my love to celebrate Xmas with me and we love and cherish each other more than before, you can contact his email alteroffiretemple@gmail.com, that is if you want to be with your love on Xmas, I believe he can also help you.

amazing song! | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song American Love performed by Haste The Day

this song is truly amazing, i love almost all their songs, but this has to be my favorite, it touches me every time, and makes me look at what i've done, and i've almost cried a couple of times listening to it!!

Great :) | Reviewer: Jezzy
    ------ About the song When Everything Falls performed by Haste The Day

I like this so much :) I like the fact that they are a Christian metal band and leaving it open-ended so other people can listen to it not only Christians. Where I live, most people would just hear the screaming and think it's some dark song or whatever. Like my mom, when I was playing a August Burns Red song, she was like "What are you listening to?!" I told her its a Christian metal band but shes like "Hmph! What kind of Christians play that kind of music with screaming?" Geez mom, let them be theyre devoted and serving God in their own ways

To Devon | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song Song Of Faith performed by Haste The Day

This song is so amazing, and i agree with devon that we all interpret songs differently thats why music is the best language. but Devon how can you say you believe in God but yet don't believe in what God says? to think hell dose not exist is to say heaven dose not and to say heaven don't exist is to say God dose not. meaning what you just said was I believe in a God who I believe doesn't exist.

Not trying to get at yo Im just a little confused as to who you believe in?

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When Everything Falls performed by Haste The Day

alot of people talk trash about this kind of songs they think this song is from the devil but God made the music. like i say it is not the music its the lyrics of the songs that will help you or destroy you.

Perfect | Reviewer: Ambie
    ------ About the song Who We Are performed by Haste The Day

This song is really really really awesome! I love how the screaming fits perfectly with the song, it blends in cool with the soft clean singing too. Its a very inspirational song. Haste the Day is the best, totally my fav band

Walk hard | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walk On performed by Haste The Day

I consider myself more than a fan.. Recently saw 2 haste the day shows 12 days of Christmas tour and the farewell tour.. Never say the Jimmy era shows :( but if you like heavy breakdowns great basslines and fierce vocals altogether with an energetic and melodic chorus this song is for you one of my top 10.- Mr. B

it helps me through the day while soulsearching | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Who We Are performed by Haste The Day

... as long as I can remember I was always searching for the reason why, why am I the person I look every morning at while looking into the mirror. I love this song it is some kind of a daily mantra. it is wonderful

Saw it live | Reviewer: Apollos Drummer
    ------ About the song Autumn performed by Haste The Day

So I saw them play this song live at their CD release party and I have to say I will never forget that moment. It was amazing, when Brennen came out with his guitar we all knew and it was just awesome the whole place was singing along, if you look on utube theres a vid of him doing it at the show and to my knowlege its the only time theyve ever done it live but i could very well be wrong. Plus u can see me in the vid, anyways its a great song, I love it

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