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The concept of following a dream is often reduced to a
string of cliché statements that can be easily brushed
under the rug or deemed worthy of an eye roll. But despite
the non-existent idealism of past generations and the mixed
messages thrown at today’s youth by the media, there’s
still some folks governed by tireless work ethic and a
tenacious spirit who go against the odds to make a
difference in the world they live in.

Hailing from a mid-sized suburb of Ontario, Canada,
power pop/punk foursome Hawk Nelson cites itself More...

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Review about Hawk Nelson songs
Soundtrack to my life! | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song From Underneath performed by Hawk Nelson

Both of my parents at different times gave up on me because of their own situations. Its impossible not to love them but its so easy to be mad at them everyday. When i listen to this song it reminds me that even without them i still have a Father who loves me no matter what and will never leave me. Thanks for this song, i love it!!

Very emotional | Reviewer: Juli
    ------ About the song Everything You Have Ever Wanted performed by Hawk Nelson

This song is about a dad leaving his family and not coming back.
I cry when I think about this because when my parents got divorced, my dad left the house.
I thought he would leave forever and not come back for me and my two older brothers.But we switch back and fourth, much more now after two years.

This song kept me hoping he wouldn't leave and kept me trusting in God that their divorcement wasn't my fault.

Touching | Reviewer: Jnh
    ------ About the song Everything You Have Ever Wanted performed by Hawk Nelson

My parents are divorced and I blamed myself for it. My best friend moved to a different school and I blamed myself for that too. I blame myself for everything that happened in my life. But when I heard this song it sounded Christian and about divorced parents so I liked it. It made me realize to stop putting blame on my shoulders. It freed me from negativity.

GOOD Sonq!!!! | Reviewer: Franchesca
    ------ About the song Everything You Have Ever Wanted performed by Hawk Nelson

I Really Like This Sonqq... It Helped Opened My Eyes & Showed Me i NEED To Be Christ-Like ... If Anybody is Perfect Its Christ Andd If You Plan On Being Close To Perfect Be Christ-Like(: This Is An Awesome Sonqq!

Peace | Reviewer: Dean
    ------ About the song The One Thing I Have Left performed by Hawk Nelson

I, for one, am not gonna yell at the anonymous reviewer who commented FOUR YEARS AGO!!! God taught us that we should be tolerant of others point of views. But despite this, we all agree that this song is very good, and that we love it.

Life | Reviewer: Dean
    ------ About the song Everything You Have Ever Wanted performed by Hawk Nelson

I just heard this song two days ago and I already love it. After listening to it a few times, I realize that this is who I have been. Ever since I moved to a new school (I stayed in the same city) I have been a loner. I was the kid on the playground who had cooties. Since I never really made friends there, I didn't attempt to make friends at church or anywhere else. But in middle school I went from the one who bullied to the one who was bullied. The worst one was a kid named Preston, who, it turns out, was in my pre-school class. We were enemies then, and despite the fact that I did not remember and acted kindly, he hadn't forgotten. Anyway, when that happened, I tried to make friends. I didn't have much success at school and had none at church. But then my Freshman year I met a guy named Garrett. I found out that despite his cool outward appearance, we both shared a love of Star Wars. He became my brother. And through my now ex-girlfriend, I became frenimies with a girl named Rebekah. and finally about a year ago a girl named Robin came into my drama class late one day. She had just started school here and needed friends. Through a little off handed comment I made, we became friends quite quickly. Despite my core group of friends now being a total of 3, and I was okay with that, I still strived to make friends at school. Despite my mule-superior stubbornness and iron like faith, I began to change myself bit by bit so that my "friends" (we aren't really that close, but still hang out together) would like me. But after I heard this song, I found out what I have been doing. Thank you Hawk Nelson, and to the past reviewer Casey, for you have helped me see what I needed to. And to Sean, if that girl who broke up with you hasn't realized that you are such a great guy, then she doesn't deserve you and isn't your true love. Some day you will find the girl who will raise you back to life. I guarantee it. And if in sixty years you are still single, I give you permission to punch me.

God is good enough so we dont have to be. | Reviewer: Franchesca Torres
    ------ About the song Everything You Have Ever Wanted performed by Hawk Nelson

this song made me think alot but i love it.. it showed me how sometimes i fall off track when it comes to my relationship with god and i start to become somethinq the world wants me to when i was made in gods image i know i fail sometimes at beinq christ-like but i also know i have a forgivinq god<3 thats why i love him!! and a verse that always comes to mind is " dont let no one think less of you because you are young.... be an example to all believers" im very encouraged with your guys music keep it cominq you guys aree blesse.. one day i wanna be able to use my voice for the glory of god! we are the chosen generation who knows what god has for us!!!:) GOD BLESS YOU.......

So what!? | Reviewer: Hardcore for Christ
    ------ About the song Zero performed by Hawk Nelson

Yeah they are a christian band amd they are the best! but still that doesnt mean their songs all have to have a christian message. I mean look at some of swithcfoots stuff and they are the biggest christian band worldwide! seriously!

What's wrong with that? | Reviewer: Christian Chick
    ------ About the song Zero performed by Hawk Nelson

You all say "yeah i know its a christian band" like thats a bad thing. It's not!! Yeah you can interperate this as a friend that sad that someone commited suicide or that someone left, but is it really such a bad thing that it might have a christian underlay????

Okay people... | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Letters To The President performed by Hawk Nelson

I'm gonna bring a bit of science into this in just a moment, but first... Do you believe God made each one of us perfectly? That He doesn't make mistakes? And that He also made our brains (not talking about what we think or decide, just the physical brain itself)? If you said 'yes' to any of those, you can't argue anymore! Science has proved that the brains of those in the LGBT community ARE different in structure than the brains of straight people. Also, Jesus told us to love. Did Jesus tell us to hate others if they weren't straight? No? I didn't think so! So stop the hate, stop the bullying, stop the name-calling, stop the threats, stop the torments, stop the suicides. Start the love, start the comforting, start the healing, start the friendship, start the apologies, start to let them live. Please, that's all this world needs in order to be what it should be.

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