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Depeche Mode Heaven Lyrics

Last updated: 03/21/2014 05:35:48 AM

Depeche Mode-Heaven-Lyrics

Sometimes I slide away
I slowly lose myself
Over and over
Take comfort in my skin
Surrender to my will
Forever and ever
I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I'm in heaven

I stand in golden rays
I burn a fire of love
Over and over
Reflecting endless light
I have embraced the flame
Forever and ever
I will scream the word
Jump into the void
I will guide the herd
Up to heaven

First Single from untitled album released Jan 25th
To be released in Germany on Jan 25th and 29th in US
  • The release date of Heaven has been changed to February. On Amazon the new Depeche Mode single is up for pre-order now.

  • According to previous information Heaven was originally to appear on January 25th. An inquiry of a fan/journalist had revealed that at Sony. On Tuesday, the first single was also available for order from Amazon only to be removed a few hours later from the online shop. Shortly before Depeche Mode had announced “some great news” on their Facebook page, which however didn’t come up by now.

  • Now everything looks as if February 5th 2013 will be the new international release date for Heaven, with probably an earlier release in Germany on February, 1st. Still we have no clue about track listing and artwork.

  • "Heaven" and will be released January 25th in Germany, January 28th in the rest of Europe and January 29th in the states. The 3:53 track will be a teaser for the new studio album to be released in March 2013.

  • Update: For those who wonder what the track will be like, a Sony rep told us this: "It is not the best track from the album, wait till you hear the entire album." Make from that what you want.

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    No God just Heaven | Reviewer: John Honeywell | 3/21/14

    This song is about the moment you realize there is no God - only people. Heaven is when two people find each other and fall in love - their souls embrace and time seems to stand still. Mixing some fantastic God in this beautiful song is just sacrilege! Only faith I have is for Depeche Mode and the human creative force.

    Once again, the magic of the dudes from DM | Reviewer: Miguel | 2/25/14

    I listen to it..again and again! I like it very much! and yes, every will is surrended to God! and the only God is the Lord. Thank you DM for the entire another jewel!!

    Which Heaven? | Reviewer: thematrix | 9/9/13

    Surrender to "your will?" I though the song was about heaven. Would you not then be surrendering to His will and not your own if you were thinking that you would be going to heaven? In light of your song "Blasphemous Rumors" and "Black Celebration," where are you planning on "guiding the herd?"

    Food for thought...please stop deceiving the masses!

    the guys from depeche mode are gods | Reviewer: Kim | 2/6/13

    the guys touching my soul deeply and I wish that they never stop sing. I'm in love with this song. The song has a fantastic atmosphere and a good message to the people. I hope that the album is fantastic too.


    The Beautiful Truth | Reviewer: JP | 2/5/13

    I only hope that the God they pray is the God of light. There is so much darkness in todays world. But just wanted to say, no matter who your God is. This song, I dedicate to the God of Love, with hopes of Mercy on humankind. I consider the song a beautiful truth. One thing I have always told my children, there is only one path inescapable in life and that is death, so be careful who your hurt, and who you offend, to ensure you love somebody, one day at at time. There are so many ugly and vicious songs out there. I too cried when I heard it & bought it 2 seconds later. Something, I would never do, and my favorite group is Cheaptrick!!! But have many Depeche Mode songs downloaded and actual albums. Thank you, for such a beautiful song, sung by an angelic voice.

    Amazing~ | Reviewer: Eleigh LeCates | 1/31/13

    So enlightening~ this song struck my heart & the faith in my soul deeply.... Depeche Mode your music, lyrics, & talent is Amazing~
    When I read your new song Heaven was to be released January 25th, my daughter Eleigh's birthday, I honestly started crying... I took her to your 1998 the singles tour in Salt Lake City, Utah she was only five and she had a profound love for your music... We had seats up quite high in the stands and somehow somebody came and handed her two backstage passes. When we got backstage Andy Fletcher picked her up and carried her around getting her autographs from you all, from that moment on music was an even more amazing part of her life and her confidence was amazing as well. Through the years she went to many concerts, and always seemed to get to meet talented people, such as yourselves. Since she was tragically taken from us I have been praying that god would somehow besides just having faith, that he would let her tell me where she is and that she's ok~ Somehow when I put this all together it brought a sweet peace to my heart~
    Please never stop singing...
    Thank you ~
    Brandi LeCates