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Dropkick Murphys I'm Shipping Up To Boston Lyrics

Last updated: 05/24/2012 07:28:10 AM

I'm a sailor peg
and i've lost my leg
climbing up the top sails
i've lost my leg!

I'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping off... To find my wooden leg

I'm a sailor peg
and i've lost my leg
climbing up the top sails
i've lost my leg!

I'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping up to boston whoa
i'm shipping off... To find my wooden leg

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Race problems | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/12

I've read these race comments and I will end it all. Your nationality is what country you were born in and what country your parents are from. If your born in Australia and both parents born in Cuba, you are both. Overall good song.

wow really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

I.haven't read more than 5 of these comments, but I can settle the argument quite simply. Your nationality is determined by the laws in the country of you and your parents birth. Your ethnicity is determined by the lineage of your ancestors.

Thanks for the lyrics! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

Hey guys,thanks for the lyrics.But right now I sad because half the people commenting on this site are arguing abour their race and wheather theyre irish.Just stop enjoy the music and comment possitive plz!

Do I qualify? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

Yeah, well I'm Black too, AND I'm Irish. And I want ya'll to know that I'm a Jew too, AND I'm American.
And, my Grandfather was born in Ireland, and Boston, and my mother was a transexual.
So did I pass the preliminary requirements yet to make a comment on the song ?

Love it!!! | Reviewer: Nichi | 10/26/11

My 15 year old son's football team plays this to amp up the players before a game and when I heard it, I was immediately addicted! BTW...I'm a 40 year old black female. Music has no color, age nor demographic!!! I love the beat!

Angry Irish tune | Reviewer: Tresix | 7/2/11

I, too, am black and love this song. I first heard it in the movie THE DEPARTED. I didn't understand one word of it until I came here, but that didn't matter. Sheamus from the WWE should use this as his entrance music instead of whatever it is he's using now.

jackass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

wow, read this fucker's bullshit below. you don't need to be born in Ireland to be Irish dipshit. according to your logic, 2 spicks can procreate in Ireland and have an Irish baby? False by a long-shot asshole. Heritage of previous nationalities and races determines your ethnicity, not the country you were born in. .. and it's a great song.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/11

I know I'm gonna hear alot of crap from people on this site,but I'm BLACK and this song is friggin great. As far as I'm concerned it kills "Dirty Water" and should be the offical song of Boston.
I'm not too familiar with their catalogue(I've heard lots about them),but now I'm gonna give em a listen.Keep up the good work and thanks for repping BEANTOWN so well guys.

Great Song | Reviewer: Cameron | 3/11/11

I think the song is great. I am of Irish decent and have enjoyed punk, metal and even Celtic music (mainly from my Grandparent jamming to it). And to say that it is not original to mix these genres in a way that sounds good is just a ridiculous statement.These guys are very proud of their Irish decent as am I. I did not say I was Irish, I was born in Pittsburgh so I am an American. But, I do have Irish ancestors and enjoy this music just as they did.

Posers? | Reviewer: Bruce | 1/17/11

Why don't all you 98% Irishers get back to Dublin, since you're not American. You other on the spelling.
Good song. Like to see any of you commentators, AKA Bloggers, do half as well. You know what they say about opinions?
P.S. If you can't figure the lyrics, try looking them up on the Internet. Maybe they're not as intricate as Kanye, Timberlake, or the other Justin...
Not everything has to be complicated.

Are you Irish? | Reviewer: r | 12/6/10

Unless you were born in Ireland you ain't Irish, sorry posers but just coz your granddaddy was Irish that doesn't make you Irish. If you were born in Boston then you're American (unless that's Boston in Lincolnshire, UK!). Still, good toe tapping track though.

great song | Reviewer: marcello | 9/26/10

Who cares about the lyrics? Did Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart compose great lyrics? I heard this song once (departed soundtrack) and it got stuck in my brain so hard I had to download it! It made me even want to visit Ireland one day...

almost_completely_Irish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

ok it is one thing to just plain say you don't like this band, and that is fine, but let's not insult classic lyrics that the TRUE irish community has been able to laugh over for years. honestly it is a huge insult to me i'm 98% irish my grandfather was born and raised in Ireland and he loves this song and these lyrics. Oh yea and you must REALLY have no life if the only reason you looked this song up is so you could bash it.

I'm Shipping Up To Boston | Reviewer: x | 2/10/10

this is funny...u guys r here criticizing and some of u giving credit to the dropkick murphys, and calling each other names but no one seems to mention or know that these lyrics were actually written by an excellent song writer by the name of "WOODY GUTHRIE"!! check him out,learn something and im not hating on the band just passing along info and facts...thank u and good luck

Good song | Reviewer: | 12/30/09

It's a good song, but definitely not what I think of when I think of Dropkick Murphys. I got to see them back in 2000 before they really started with all the Celtic instrument shit, and it was great. I just wish they would have called themselves something different after the "Do or Die" album.