I Am Ghost Lyrics

Steven Juliano - Vocals/Bloody Screams
Kerith Marcantonio - Violins/Vocals
Brian Thomas - Bass/Piano/Vocals
Gabriel Iraheta - Guitar
Timoteo Rosales - Guitar
Ryan Seaman - Drums

After playing just four local shows, few would have
predicted they would quickly sell 20,000 copies across the
country through the power of the internet, and be the
darlings of the Warped Tour and Alternative Press by the
following summer. Now comes Lovers Requiem, a full-length
debut so ambitious and assured that it seems the work of a
much more More...

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Submit I Am Ghost New Lyrics

Review about I Am Ghost songs
Amazing! | Reviewer: Levi Allen
    ------ About the song Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps performed by I Am Ghost

I know Brian and Kerith Tesestai, the ex-bassist and ex-violinist and they're some of the most amazing people ever! Kerith and Brian only quit because of Keriths health :( All the smoking and drinking almost killed her! Poor thing :( Such an amazing band, though!

I love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Killer Likes Candy performed by I Am Ghost

My friend told me to listen to this song a long time ago and I never did till now.. I was so wrong, I wish I listened to it before, I love this song, it's so damn catchy! And the lyrics are creative.

i am ghost= Win | Reviewer: Kyle McGurk
    ------ About the song Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps performed by I Am Ghost

This band has broken the line of fantastic. From the dark, melodic notes of" Make me believe this is real" to the fun lyrics of" They always com back" I am Ghost somehow manages to make a seemingly endless flow. As a musician myself I know what true musick means. This group of artists are talented beyond belief. The instruments themselves seem to tell a story. The lyrics are so deep and symbolic. They bring the two arts of musick and literature together in a bond that cannot be broken. Their musick is simply wonderful. You are truly masters in your craft. I am looking foward to covering your work. "Invite me to pray, and let the musick flow."

Just beautiful... | Reviewer: Lucy
    ------ About the song The Denouement performed by I Am Ghost

I've been a fan of I Am Ghost for a while, and this song is definitely in my top 5. I could listen to the beginning bit of Latin over and over again. This sends shivers down my spine, in a good way. Now I know what my parents mean when they say they get goosebumps when they listen to a truly beautiful piece of music.

I agree with Casey completely. (I think the version of Ave Maria done by the Celtic Women is the best.)

Wonderful | Reviewer: Elizabeth
    ------ About the song Beyond The Hourglass performed by I Am Ghost

I love love love I Am Ghost.
I agree with everyone else. They should have more publicity, but then again, the culture of our society isn't one of more melodramatic and "chilling" music. You don't hear THAT in clubs. Haha

I wished that I Am Ghost didn't separate though. Their most recent album is DEFINITELY not as good. I was so devastated. ):

Latin is a go! | Reviewer: Casey
    ------ About the song The Denouement performed by I Am Ghost

I agree. The Latin just highlights the dark themes while also playing with the irony of it being in church but talking about... Not church. It is really easy to sin and it sounds beautiful. Ever heard of Ave Maria? Sounds really pretty, right? But it's just a hail Mary. Latin is great to sing, and this dog sounds gorgeous.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song The Denouement performed by I Am Ghost

Well I think its an in-genius take on singing. :D

I nearly pitched a fit, when I heard 'Dies Irae' which incidentally happens to be one of the most famous of liturgical masses in classical music.

I suggest everyone listens to the Verdi 'Dies Irae' you will be amazed ^^

Martry? | Reviewer: Aeon
    ------ About the song Of Masques And Martyrs performed by I Am Ghost

A martyr is someone who dies for their beliefs/religion. Or someone who suffers great pain because of their beliefs and such. ._. Surviving a wreck because you were speeding, does not entitle you as a martyr. Please you sully the names of the countless people who have died for their religion.

***** | Reviewer: tater
    ------ About the song Beyond The Hourglass performed by I Am Ghost

great song, "lover's requiem" is definitely on my top 5 albums...personally, i loved them for their originality. when i found out kerith and brian had left, i was dissapointed, but figured it was still a good band. i was really dissapointed with "those we leave behind", to me, it just was not as good

LOVE LOVE LOVE | Reviewer: emily
    ------ About the song We Are Always Searching (For You) performed by I Am Ghost

Love this song sooo much. Really shows I Am Ghost's amazing talent, especially Kerith Telestai, who has awesome vocals and killer violin skills!! I'm so sad that she and her husband, Brian Telestai, are no longer part of IAG. Such a huge loss; I haven't bought their new album since it doesn't have Kerith in it, and don't plan to. Nevertheless, this song and Lovers Requiem really shows Ghost at their best!

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