I Killed The Prom Queen Albums

  • Beloved Album (2/18/2014)
    Beginning Of The End
    To The Wolves
    Bright Enough
    Thirty One & Sevens
    Calvert Street
    The Beaten Path
    No One Will Save Us
    Bonus Track
    Memento Vivere

  • Music For The Recently Deceased Album (4/12/2011)
    Sharks In Your Mouth
    Say Goodbye
    Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck-Tie
    The Deepest Sleep
    Bet It All On Black
    Headfirst From A Hangman's Noose
    Sleepless Nights And City Lights
    Slain Upon My Faithful Sword
    Like Nails To A Casket

  • When Goodbye Means Forever Album (3/1/2003)
    When Goodbye Means Forever
    To Kill Tomorrow
    Upon A Rivers Sky
    Pointed To My Heart
    Death Certificate For A Beauty Queen
    Roses, Post Cards & Machine Gun Kisses
    Forgiveness Is Murder
    Portraits, Dreams And Memories
    Are You Playing Dead?
    My Best Wishes

  • Choose To Love Live Or Die Album (3/1/2002)
    Choose To Love Live Or Die
    The Paint Brush Killer
    Dreams As Hearts
    Upon A Rivers Sky

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