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Mysonne I Wanna Be Your Man Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2013 07:52:08 PM

I wanna be your man, I am gonna be your man
Yes I do

You still strong, it's hard to get alone
It's so right, same time it's so wrong
I love you independent, but is your independence
That won't allow you to follow me, you get offended
We argue, all the time, never finish my sentence
I try to give advice, all I get is aggression
To have an answer, you gotta ask the question
Walk your fresher love that man you're not trusting
I'm guessing, life's lessons have taught you to keep your guard up
Emotion scars, not having a father
Cause of the disconnection, I know it's just protection
Gotta get past the past to get the blessing
Your precious time we spending on debating
We could be building together, creating greatness
I know you good on your own, I understand but
I wanna be your man

I know that I ain't perfect, I made all kind of mistakes
Try to understand, I got a lot on my plate
While tryina please you, I'm out here tryina make it
My sense make dollars, the kind of hours it takes
I promise that I'ma pace myself
I'ma make time, to regain your trust, it's gonna take time
I'ma make my woman feel so special
'on your knees, I'm never gonna neglect you
You gonna feel safe, I'm always here to protect you
Damsel in distress, I'm superman to the rescue
Second that I met you, I knew that you was my soulmate
Felt it in my heart and my mama told me
Only the strong get through, them real issues
All we've been through, and I'm still here with you
I know that you can do it by yourself but understand
I wanna be your man.

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